What is driving decisions on mobility and transportation?

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the auto industry and mobility as we know it. New business models – such as vehicle subscriptions, on-demand mobility and shared-car ownership – have emerged and continue to outpace us as we speak. How has this progress altered consumer behavior and purchase intent? And which trends accelerated by the global pandemic will continue on the road to mass adoption?
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Supply Chain and Procurement Metrics - How Are You Performing?

Zycus Inc.

This on-demand webinar with Bill Michels, CEO at Airpart Cosulting focuses on different type of metrics for procurement and supply chain with details on the application of metrics. Since all organizations are different, this webcast shares how to develop key performance indicators and how to minimize effort to get essential supplier and performance data. Watch this video to learn how to review and use metrics to improve supplier value, performance and relationships.
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Time Slot Management & Real Time Yard Management

How to uncover the full cost-saving potential of Time Slot Management How to enhance your use of Time Slot Management and experience next level efficiency in your yard What the future looks like for Time Slot Management as digitization continues to shape the yards of tomorrow
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Risk Management and Resilience Engineering Strategies for Supply Chains

Mike Sherwin from the ISE department at the University of Pittsburgh and Jon Carmona from the supply chain team at The Poirier Group will tag team to bring fresh, innovative ideas on how to adapt supply chains in the face of the waves of disruption that are ahead. During this webinar, Jon and Mike will share systematic thinking on how this "Black Swan Event" is impacting the way we think about, plan, design, and execute supply chains.
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Understanding the new business benchmarks for digital procurement in a post- COVID-19 world!

When you think of procurement benchmarking the impact of W. Edward Deming’s quote – “It is wrong to suppose that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it – a costly myth” immediately comes to mind.
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