How to Build Better Schedules that Attract and Retain Drivers

In this session, participants learnt how to create ‘lifestyle rosters’ and custom schedules that expand the candidate pool and increase drivers’ happiness, leading to more job applications and higher retention rates. This session also included a case study on how one public agency tackled their driver shortage by reducing split shifts and increasing run quality, followed by an Optibus platform demo and live Q&A.
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The Relevance of Supply Chain to the Success of the Company

Over the past decade, supply chain management has matured from a relatively unknown concept into a fully fledged discipline. Nowadays, the supply chain triangle (service, cash, cost) should be an integral part of an organization’s strategy, since a successful balance benefits the overall business goals. During this webinar, Professor Dr. Bram Desmet will discuss the five key concepts of the strategy-driven supply chain.
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Technology Shaping Less Than Truckload Shipping


In this 40-minute webinar about LTL shipping and technology you’ll learn: EDI vs. APIs in Less Than Truckload Shipping: How Do They Compare & What Should a Shipper Use? Less-Than-Truckload Inbound Shipping: Using Technology to Stay Collaborative With Vendors What Less-Than-Truckload Data Should a Shipper Track? Less-Than-Truckload Tracking & Visibility: Why Shipper Communication & Carrier Transparency Matters What Should an LTL Transportation Management System Do for Me as a Shipper?
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Master your supply chain with end-to-end visibility

Best practices for capturing end-to-end quality data in the cloud A set of action items to optimize your own supply chain Business case studies showing proven methods to save costs and reduce waste
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Supply Sensing: An essential practice for ensuring agility and responsiveness in CPG supply chains

Across consumer products, anticipating volatile demand is only half the battle. With supply shortages becoming increasingly common, many companies in the industry are leveraging data and advanced analytics-driven supply sensing capabilities that provide them with a more accurate and comprehensive picture of inbound supply.
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