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SpartanNash and Upshop Partner to Optimize Inventory and Reduce Waste

  • SpartanNash expands partnership with Upshop's Magic AI Tool to optimize inventory and reduce waste
  • Advanced analytics enhance inventory accuracy and guest satisfaction in SpartanNash Stores
  • SpartanNash demonstrates commitment to technology for improved customer experience and cost savings

SpartanNash, a leading food solutions company, has announced an expanded partnership with Upshop's Magic inventory and replenishment optimization application. This collaboration aims to streamline ordering systems, maintain planogram integrity, and assist with merchandising reset planning in both center store and produce departments. The Magic tool leverages advanced analytics to predict product demand, reducing the time store associates spend on inventory checks and improving the overall shopping experience for guests.

SpartanNash's Executive Vice President, Corporate Retail, Tom Swanson, emphasized, 

At SpartanNash, we're prioritizing technology to enhance our Associate and store guest experience. By leveraging advanced analytics to predict product demand, our Associates can spend less time checking inventory and more time face-to-face helping serve our shoppers.

[Source: PR News Wire]

Upshop CEO Shamus Hines expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating,

As a leader in forecast and ordering solutions, Upshop is excited to partner with innovative grocery retailers such as SpartanNash to offer the tools they need to optimize their inventory to meet total store demand.

[Source: PR News Wire]

This move reflects SpartanNash's ongoing investment in technology to drive merchandising and supply chain transformations, ultimately leading to a better customer experience and cost savings. The company recently announced plans to deploy autonomous inventory robots for real-time data intelligence.

SpartanNash's Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy and Information Officer, Masiar Tayebi, highlighted how AI technology enhances operational excellence, contributing to financial benefits from merchandising and supply chain transformations.

While the benefits are clear, potential drawbacks of AI inventory optimization include substantial investment impacting short-term financial performance, possible job displacement due to AI reliance, and the risk of inaccurate future demand predictions due to reliance on historical data.

SpartanNash's partnership with Upshop's Magic AI tool optimizes inventory, reduces waste, and enhances the shopping experience by predicting product demand and streamlining ordering systems which benefits the entire supply chain ecosystem.


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FourKites' Generative AI Solution, Fin AI to Automate Supply Chain

FourKites | September 11, 2023

FourKites, a renowned leader in supply chain visibility solutions, has unveiled a groundbreaking innovation with the launch of Fin AI, a natural language interface. FourKites is ushering in a new era of supply chain visibility and decision-making. This cutting-edge technology is designed to empower supply chain professionals by surfacing invaluable insights, identifying optimization opportunities, and automating critical tasks. The launch signifies a pivotal step in addressing the prevalent issue of data silos and transforming supply chain management from a reactive to a proactive paradigm. Leveraging the power of generative artificial intelligence, Fin AI offers users an intuitive natural language interface, enabling them to assess the impact of disruptive events, diagnose tracking anomalies, and access product guidance seamlessly across the FourKites suite. This transformative solution aims to elevate real-time, data-driven decision-making in supply chain management. With its extensive capabilities and access to a vast supply chain data network, the company is well-positioned to continue driving innovation in the industry. FourKites provides even more value to its customers by tracking over 3 million shipments daily and providing a wealth of supply chain data, including estimated arrival times and miles tracked. Fin AI's potential extends beyond insights into optimizing labor, transportation, and inventory to automating various workflows, providing a comprehensive solution for supply chain management. The announcement of Fin AI at Visibility 2023, attended by supply chain leaders from renowned brands worldwide, highlights the company's commitment to shaping the future of supply chain visibility and efficiency. Mathew Elenjickal, FourKites Founder and CEO, commented, FourKites is proud to be building at the leading edge of supply chain data and AI. With Fin AI, we are giving our customers greater depth and breadth of actionable insights across their supply chains, further empowering them to focus on information and decisions that will move their businesses forward. Over time, automation through Fin AI will act as a direct extension of the capabilities of those who use it. [Source – Business Wire] Brett Frankenberg, Senior Vice President, Technology, Process, & Systems at Coca-Cola Consolidated, emphasized that the most significant advantage for logistics professionals is the ability to streamline time-consuming processes and harness data for quicker, more informed choices. He noted that FourKites' introduction of Fin AI makes a wealth of data readily accessible to users, enabling them to prioritize more valuable responsibilities and initiate proactive transformations within their supply chains. About FourKites FourKites, a leading global supply chain visibility platform, is renowned for its expertise in extending visibility throughout the supply chain, encompassing yards, warehouses, retail locations, and beyond. With a daily tracking capacity exceeding 3 million shipments, spanning road, rail, ocean, air, parcel, and last-mile deliveries, FourKites operates in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. The company leverages real-time data and advanced machine learning techniques to enable organizations to digitize their end-to-end supply chain operations. Trusted by over 1,200 of the world's most prominent brands, including nine of the top-10 Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and 18 of the top-20 food and beverage companies, FourKites empowers businesses to achieve greater agility, efficiency, and sustainability within their supply chains.

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Interos Multi-tier Catastrophic Risk Enhances Supply Chain Resilience

Interos | September 22, 2023

Interos, the AI-first operational resilience company, has introduced an innovative solution, Catastrophic Risk visualization and monitoring. This technology takes a proactive approach to supply chain resilience by allowing organizations to pre-plan months in advance, strategically mitigating the potential impact of a wide range of catastrophic risks, from hurricanes and wildfires to grid failures and disease outbreaks. This significant announcement from Interos comes at a pivotal moment, marked by an alarming increase in climate-related disasters, resulting in substantial financial losses and human impact. In the United States and globally, 23 billion-dollar disasters total $57.6 billion in losses, as reported by NOAA. Interos' groundbreaking technology addresses the financial aspect and aims to protect lives by shifting enterprises from lagging to leading indicators. It provides early assessments of suppliers exposed to various hazards, including weather patterns, climate fluctuations, communication vulnerabilities, infrastructure challenges, and healthcare capacity constraints. By combining immediate and seasonal hazard intelligence, businesses can proactively detect and prevent seasonal disruptions and disaster-related issues within their extensive supply chains. This innovative solution establishes Interos as a key player in enhancing supply chain resilience and mitigating unanticipated disruptions. Jennifer Bisceglie, Interos Founder & CEO at Interos, said, "Leaders throughout industries recognize the need to take control of risk in an environment where resilience delivers competitive advantage. If you think about large-scale, multi-year programs, enterprises need the ability to project where things are going with respect to weather, inflation, energy crisis and other trends to make better-informed business decisions based on impact to their supply chains ongoing operations." [Source – Cision PR Newswire] Organizations lacking sub-tier supplier visibility face substantial financial consequences, incurring a collective annual loss of $45 million due to delayed catastrophe response. This figure rises to $82 million, encompassing multifaceted supplier risk factors. Interos' recent report highlights a 33% increase in disruptions since 2022, spurring enterprises to prioritize early preparedness and crisis mitigation, potentially saving $37 million annually. Interos' technology reshapes supply chain risk management by integrating proactive resilience measures, expediting critical supplier processes and ensuring comprehensive risk management at scale. Through the continuous mapping and monitoring capabilities offered by Interos, enterprises can proactively and effectively navigate the complexities of risk, ensuring supply chain resilience is upheld at both speed and scale. Interos' transformative technology equips organizations with the tools to safeguard their supply chains in an increasingly intricate and interdependent risk environment. About Interos Interos is an AI-driven operational resilience company dedicated to helping clients attain Resilience by Design. Leveraging innovative scoring and relationship discovery technologies, Interos empowers customers to streamline risk assessment, detection, and response. As the world's inaugural and sole automated supplier resilience platform, Interos excels in the comprehensive mapping and monitoring of physical and digital supply chains on a grand scale. This proactive approach safeguards organizations against a spectrum of threats, encompassing regulatory violations, unethical labor practices, cyber threats, financial instability, catastrophes, and other systemic vulnerabilities.

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Noodle.ai Announces Patent-Pending Technology for Generative Supply Chain Planning

PR Newswire | October 04, 2023

Last week, Noodle.ai, the leader in Supply Chain A.I., had its patent application filed for the core GPP technology underlying its new Generative Supply Chain Planning. The technology, which is probabilistic in nature, has the ability to drive dramatic increases in supply chain profitability and dramatic decreases in supply chain waste. "We are convinced the GPP technology will mark a key milestone in the transition to a future of Generative Planning." said Stephen Pratt, Founder & CEO of Noodle.ai. "This is a once in a generation breakthrough to make material improvements in global supply chain efficiency and waste reduction." Why is Generative Planning Revolutionary? Traditional planning solutions have struggled to keep pace with the complexities and uncertainties of modern global supply chains. The existing deterministic approaches usually lead to sub-optimal, and often infeasible, plans. These plans are created by decades old stagnating technologies which create an imbalance between supply and demand, lower profits, and huge amounts of waste because remedial actions are often required to satisfy demand. "This technology further grows our competitive advantage over other supply chain alternatives," said Mahriah Alf, Noodle.ai Chief Product Officer. "Generative Planning builds on the Probabilistic System of Intelligence currently driving our products and is a quantum leap forward." Noodle.ai Generative Planning optimizes entire supply chains simultaneously through Large Graph Models (LGM) that continually learn and improve. Hyung-il Ahn, Noodle.ai, Chief AI Scientist, says "Noodle.ai's Generative Planning incorporates cutting-edge generative AI technologies—such as attention-based graph neural networks (GNN), offline deep reinforcement learning (Offline RL), and probabilistic policy simulations. This potent combination generates dynamic supply action plans that are both feasible and network-wide optimized and consider time-varying supply chain objectives and probabilistic factors like demand, lead time, and production variabilities." Generative Planning Results Noodle.ai Generative Planning has shown extraordinary promise when tested using historical data from a North America-based consumer goods company with a complex supply chain network. Generative Planning simultaneously increased revenue and decreased costs by reducing out of stocks and lost sales by 75% and reducing excess stock by 20% with a corresponding inventory holding cost impact. A Generative AI Solution that adapts to your ever-changing Business Objectives Generative Planning can adapt to different corporate objectives, whether they are maximizing profits, service levels, minimizing risk, cost containment, or other metrics. By employing generative policy models trained on real-world network transition data, Generative Planning performs probabilistic simulations to create optimal supply plans that are tailoring to your corporate objectives and resilient to the uncertainties of today's global supply chains. Availability Generative Planning data science and data flow development are complete, and the broader application is being productized to ensure it meets Noodle.ai high standards of availability, security, scalability, and ease of use. Noodle.ai Generative Planning will be available to initial customers in Q1 of 2024 with an initial focus on demand and finished-goods distribution. About Noodle.ai Noodle.ai is currently a probabilistic system of intelligence that supercharges your current planning and transaction systems with the power of probabilities. Unlike traditional systems that rely on fixed rules and simplified assumptions, Noodle.ai uses cutting-edge AI/ML technology to conquer variability and improve your decision-making process. With risk-adjusted recommendations and automated workflows, you'll achieve unprecedented productivity, service levels, and cost savings in your supply chain. With the productization of this patent-pending technology Noodle.ai will become a Generative System of Planning that allows customers to reduce the cost and improve the quality of their supply chain planning by replacing outdated systems.

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Everstream and Slave-Free Alliance Partner for Ethical Supply Chains

Everstream Analytics | September 15, 2023

Everstream Analytics and Slave-Free Alliance (SFA) have partnered to protect global supply chains against modern slavery. Everstream brings multi-tier supplier discovery and AI-powered risk monitoring, while SFA provides forced labor intelligence. Together, they aim to expose and eliminate these risks and enhance supply chain capabilities. Modern slavery affects 50 million people worldwide, and its complexity makes supply chains vulnerable. Over forty percent of these victims are imprisoned in upper-middle-income to high-income nations, highlighting the universality of this issue. Everstream is committed to eradicating this issue as SFA's global strategic and exclusive technology partner. According to Slave-Free Alliance, 77% of companies expect to find modern slavery in their supply chains. The intricate and opaque nature of contemporary global supply networks exposes companies to substantial risks of forced labor. Within the United States, the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, and the imminent EU Supply Chain Law establish a framework in which manufacturers bear responsibility for any instances of exploitation within their supply chains, irrespective of their prior awareness of such occurrences. Noncompliance may lead to hefty fines and reputational harm. This strategic partnership empowers enterprises with deeper visibility into potential risks and facilitates swift issue resolution, ensuring compliance with evolving regulations. Tim Nelson, CEO of Hope for Justice and Slave-Free Alliance, commented, This partnership will advance our ultimate goal of bringing an end to modern slavery in supply chains. With the help of Everstream's technology and our team of forced labor experts, we will create global strategies and provide thoughtful solutions to protect people and supply chains from the threat of modern slavery. [Source – Business Wire] Everstream and Slave-Free Alliance's collaborative efforts extend beyond their partnership. They are committed to sharing their insights and expertise on modern slavery risks and mitigation strategies at prominent events like the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). With this partnership, the two companies will empower organizations globally to construct ethical and compliant supply chains while contributing to the fight against modern slavery. By combining their resources and knowledge, Everstream and SFA are dedicated to significantly impacting this critical issue and helping companies uphold the highest ethical standards in their operations. About Everstream Analytics Everstream Analytics, a leading force in the global supply chain, is committed to redefining industry standards. By harnessing artificial intelligence and predictive analytics capabilities, Everstream Analytics empowers businesses with insights and risk analytics, glorifying an era of innovative and environmentally conscious supply chain practices. Its renowned solution seamlessly integrates with procurement, logistics, and business continuity platforms, providing a comprehensive information ecosystem and astute analysis. Leveraging a vast proprietary dataset, Everstream Analytics ensures precise predictions, enabling businesses to optimize their supply chains and transform them into invaluable business assets.

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