RPA Labs Debuts the Shipping Industry's Future Customer Experience

Shivaji Dound | June 11, 2021

RPA Labs Debuts the Shipping Industry's Future Customer Experience
Today RPA Labs reported the arrival of RPA Engage, the premier logistics conversation AI (man-made reasoning) that improves client encounters via automating interactions with clients, merchants, and inward groups. An exclusive mix of conversational AI, machine learning, natural language processing, and an implicit language library of logistics wording permits RPA Engage to answer any logistics requests including:

Spot Quotes
Track & Trace
Sailing Schedules
Customer Service Inquiries
And More

RPA Engage is a no-code arrangement that is prepared to quickly send, effectively coordinating with any framework, and configurable to fit an assortment of organization explicit necessities.
RPA Engage offers two options to enhance your customer experience:

1. The world's first commercially available AI-Powered Logistics ChatBot
RPA Engage fully integrates with existing systems to provide instant, accurate responses to customer inquiries throughout all your chat channels. Freight forwarders, 3PLs, and supply chain companies who quickly respond to inquiries improve customer experience. RPA Engage's AI-Powered Logistics ChatBot offers an immediate response to general inquiries such as "where's my shipment" or "how much is it for an ocean container from Shanghai to Chicago?"

Companies implement RPA Engage to provide instant chat responses on company websites, social media channels, text/SMS, third party applications, and more.

2. Email Response Bot
Offer nonstop support for customer and vendor inquiries on the most widely used method of communication in the world: email. RPA Engage directly integrates through email to answer customer inquiries, eliminating email inboxes up to 80%.

"No one can refute that the way shippers consider and consume logistics services is steadily changing. In a time of generational change and unprecedented global events, we want to engage our clients at the time, place, and platform best suited to their needs. RPA Labs ChatBot is a piece of that strategy. Rating new shipments, regardless of communication method, is historically and reliably deficient in obtaining all the data needed for a quality response. The RPA Engage AI-Powered Logistics ChatBot addresses that within a simple user interface and attention span; in other words, without a long and unfriendly checklist for the user," said Jay Devers, CEO and Co-Founder of Bestway Freight Solutions. "Our expectations are high: we want to see new users to the system and we want to see user satisfaction rise among long-standing customers. We chose RPA Labs because they are a leader in this space with a proven executive team known to be on the front end of new technology."

Fast and quality responses like those mentioned by Devers are crucial during a time that has been so heavily influenced by the "Amazon effect" and the idea that customers expect to receive information the moment they submit an inquiry. This applies more and more to the logistics industry every day – if it takes hours or days to hear back on a quote inquiry, customers will submit requests to competitors not necessarily looking for the best price, but for whoever can respond the fastest.

About RPA Labs
RPA Labs provides a full-service solution in robotic process automation for companies in logistics/supply chain that are buried in emails, documents, and inefficient processes. Their software bots help companies scale without more people by eliminating manual, repetitive tasks, so they can offer a better experience to their customers and workforce.


A $4 billion company, Schneider has provided expert transportation and logistics solutions for more than 80 years. For more information about Schneider.

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A $4 billion company, Schneider has provided expert transportation and logistics solutions for more than 80 years. For more information about Schneider.