REV Ambulance Group Company Delivers All-Electric, Zero-Emission Ambulance to DocGo

REV Group, Inc. (NYSE: REVG) which includes companies that manufacture Horton®, AEV®, Road Rescue®, Wheeled Coach® and Leader® brand ambulances, announces the delivery of an all-electric, zero-emission ambulance to DocGo, a leading provider of last-mile mobile health services and integrated medical mobility.Manufactured at Leader Emergency Vehicles in South El Monte, CA, this all-electric ambulance eliminates the pollution of a standard gasoline ambulance. In addition to being less harmful to the planet, the electric ambulance has the potential to lower patient transportation costs due to lower fuel costs and maintenance needs.

“We are committed to lead the industry in electric ambulances to meet the sustainability missions of our customers, such as DocGo’s goal to have an all-electric fleet by 2032, We’re delighted to help DocGo reach their target, with the support of our partner Lightning eMotors.”

-Anoop Prakash, president, REV Ambulance Group.

Lightning eMotors, a leading provider of zero emissions medium duty commercial vehicles and electric vehicle technology for fleets, worked with Leader and DocGo to create the new vehicle. The Ford Transit T350 Type II ambulance chassis was electrified at Lightning eMotors and built at Leader’s facility. Leader’s High Roof Transit van offers up to 86 kWh of battery capacity that can be charged via Level 2 AC charging or DC fast charging. This model is equipped with dual rear wheels, increased interior headroom to aid crews in loading and unloading their patient, as well as an extended body length to provide more workspace for patient care.

"We are honored to have had the opportunity to work alongside Leader on this exciting initiative for DocGo, In addition to being environmentally-friendly, the drastic reduction in pollutants is better for the overall health of the patients being transported.”

-Nick Bettis, director of marketing and sales operations at Lightning eMotors.

The DocGo delivery, along with recent orders from American Medical Response (AMR) and Hamad Medical Corporation (Qatar), further demonstrates REV’s leadership in bringing innovative technology to the EMS community.

About REV Group, Inc.
REV Group® companies are leading designers and manufacturers of specialty vehicles and related aftermarket parts and services, which serve a diversified customer base, primarily in the United States, through three segments: Fire & Emergency, Commercial, and Recreation. They provide customized vehicle solutions for applications, including essential needs for public services (ambulances, fire apparatus, school buses, and transit buses), commercial infrastructure (terminal trucks and industrial sweepers), and consumer leisure (recreational vehicles). REV Group's diverse portfolio is made up of well-established principal vehicle brands, including many of the most recognizable names within their industry. Several of REV Group's brands pioneered their specialty vehicle product categories and date back more than 50 years. REV Group trades on the NYSE under the symbol REVG. Investors-REVG

About Leader Emergency Vehicles
Leader®, a manufacturer of premium fit and finish Type I, Type II and Type III ambulances, has served the cities and communities in Southern California for over 45 years with 95% of sales come from California public and private departments. Located in South El Monte, California, Leader’s facility is 100,000 sq. ft. over two acres.

About Lightning eMotors
Lightning eMotors (NYSE: ZEV) has been providing specialized and sustainable fleet solutions since 2009, deploying complete zero-emission-vehicle (ZEV) solutions for commercial fleets since 2018 – including Class 3 cargo and passenger vans, ambulances, Class 4 and 5 cargo vans and shuttle buses, Class 4 Type A school buses, Class 6 work trucks, Class 7 city buses, and Class A motor coaches. The Lightning eMotors team designs, engineers, customizes, and manufactures zero-emission vehicles to support the wide array of fleet customer needs with a full suite of control software, telematics, analytics, and charging solutions to simplify the buying and ownership experience and maximize uptime and energy efficiency. To learn more, visit our website at


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ACERTUS Unveils New Transportation Management System for Auto Shippers

ACERTUS | November 07, 2023

ACERTUS, a leading automotive logistics-as-a-service platform, has unveiled its new Transportation Management System (TMS). This cutting-edge system grants vehicle shippers unparalleled visibility into their operations, featuring real-time GPS tracking, advanced digital inspection data, automated reporting, and customized data visualization. By harnessing the power of machine learning and seamless connectivity with ACERTUS' digitally-enabled transport network, this platform successfully addresses a long-standing challenge within the vehicle shipping process—namely, the lack of transparency regarding asset location as it traverses the supply chain. Trent Broberg, the Chief Executive Officer at ACERTUS, remarked that modern-day technology has made it extremely easy to track products ordered online during the delivery process. However, there still existed substantial blind spots when it came to shipping cars. In this context, he explained that their new Transportation Management System is driving the industry forward by providing shippers with real-time vehicle visibility, modernizing the process, and eliminating guesswork. The TMS connects shippers with the largest multimodal transport network of carriers and drive-away drivers in North America. It simplifies and streamlines auto shipping, offering instant quotes, single and multi-VIN ordering, standard and expedited shipping rates, and API connectivity for seamless integration with existing operating systems. This release represents ACERTUS' ongoing commitment to delivering advanced, proprietary products that enhance automotive supply chain management. About ACERTUS ACERTUS is a leading omnichannel automotive logistics as a service platform that provides integrated end-to-end solutions for vehicle lifecycle management. By placing a strong emphasis on technology and innovation, ACERTUS offers a comprehensive suite of services, including vehicle storage, transport, maintenance, registration, title, care & maintenance, repossession, freight transport and compliance services, among others. The company consolidates these services under one roof, thereby significantly enhancing efficiency and reliability for its customers throughout the entire vehicle journey.

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Overhaul Announces Shipment Connect App to Optimize Logistics Operations

PR Newswire | October 25, 2023

Overhaul, a software-based supply chain visibility, risk, compliance, and insurance solution for the world's leading brands, has announced Shipment Connect, an application that offers customers unmatched visibility into logistics operations processes. Tracking cargo from end to end has become increasingly difficult due to gaps in data, dated processes for managing shipments, and incorrect shipment information. Shipment Connect allows customers to instantly create and track digital shipments, connect internet of things (IoT) devices to cargo, and eliminate paperwork without costly integrations. The app, now available on the App Store and Google Play, empowers supply chain professionals to efficiently capture real-time shipment data and scale their logistics operations. "In this peak season, Shipment Connect is a vital tool for retailers and manufacturers improving data quality and streamlining operations. It provides a transparent view of shipment creation and departure times," said Karin Stevens, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Overhaul. "Shipment Connect's user-friendly, low-code and no-code options facilitate rapid set up of new customer sites or lanes for fast time-to-value, filling the gaps when ERP or TMS integrations face tight timelines." Shipment Connect empowers key supply chain roles to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Warehouse managers can digitally orchestrate shipments on-the-fly without paperwork slowdowns. Quality assurance personnel gain photo verification of proper loading for end-to-end quality control. Security staff benefit from cargo status visibility, SOP confirmations, and data to aid in recovery. Overhaul considers theft a failure and its applications like Shipment Connect that help to maintain a 99.9% risk prevention rate on all shipments moving through Overhaul's platform, arriving at destinations without incident. When thefts do occur, the data is at the recovery team's fingertips to take action and quickly recover cargo. Early adopters have seen tremendous results with Shipment Connect. One logistics company used the application to roll out 40 sites across the U.S. within two weeks. A tech giant also used Shipment Connect to expand, opening 23 sites across four countries within a month, giving visibility and driving security compliance for thousands of shipments. Customers' feedback and involvement in usability testing has consistently guided app improvements, leading to new features and functionality based on their input. For IT and operations, Shipment Connect means no more waiting on integrations with multiple systems when standing up new sites. The app's flexibility means customers can instantly configure workflows from site to site across their supply chain. Shipment Connect fills gaps in visibility so customers can better manage logistics workflows, easily connect systems, verify protocols, and secure cargo. About Overhaul Founded in 2016 and with offices around the world, Overhaul is the only device-agnostic supply chain visibility and risk management software company. As the global leader in in-transit supply chain risk management, Overhaul transforms real-time visibility into risk management, compliance, and insurance solutions for its partners. Its software-based approach offers high configurability and efficient time-to-value to supply-chain organizations without heavy tech. Overhaul is a trusted provider for Fortune 100 companies moving freight globally across industries, such as pharmaceutical and healthcare, technology, logistics, and food and beverage. Customers include Microsoft, Bristol Myers Squibb and many others.

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Supply Chain

Trevor Miles joins to Usher in The Era of Generative Supply Chain Planning

PR Newswire | October 06, 2023 is thrilled to announce the addition of supply chain veteran and thought leader Trevor Miles joining's mission to create a world without waste. Trevor's expertise in supply chain extends the depth of supply chain focus and complements leading data science in their supply chain A.I. products. "I joined because the team has created products that solve the most pressing problems facing Supply Chain professionals. Everyday supply chains operate with uncertain demand, and uncertain supply. We must move to probabilistic planning systems that exploit the uncertainties to help us all make better bets and tailor risks. Existing deterministic planning systems ignore uncertainty and therefore generate hopelessly optimistic plans and give you no understanding of the risks associated with the plan." said Trevor Milles. An Unparalleled Infusion of Expertise "Trevor brings an unprecedented supply chain depth of domain knowledge and technical acumen to," says Stephen Pratt, CEO of "He exemplifies the transformative, intelligent, and efficient solutions our company aims to deliver to business executives who are tired of the same old systems using the same old math." The Dynamic Legacy of Trevor Miles Trevor Miles cultivated a career that defies the traditional limits of supply chain management. Trevor, known for his eclectic blend of theoretical and practical skills, states, "I've always sought to challenge the status quo, looking for opportunities to innovate and improve existing systems." He continues, "I have long advocated for a change in approach to Supply Chain Planning based on the need to re-think the basic APICS definitions of siloed processes both horizontally - Buy, Make, Move, Store, Sell, Return - and vertically - Strategic, Tactical, Operational, and Execution. Much of this is captured in the terms Concurrent Planning and Network Planner which I coined while at Kinaxis." and Trevor: A Symbiotic Partnership Both Trevor and share a vision for the future of AI in supply chain management. Tim Krug, CRO of, elaborates: "Trevor brings a refreshing, disruptive approach to solving age-old problems. Whether we like it or not, everyday supply chain decisions are bets because they have uncertain outcomes with significant financial consequences. The fatal flaw of all current planning systems', deterministic math, leads executives to make bad bets that create economic and environmental waste. I'm excited about the role Trevor will play as we look to help the industry take advantage of modern data science, compute power and the power of probabilities to make better bets, conquer waste, and boost profit. Looking Forward: The Journey Begins Influenced by's culture of open dialogue and innovative projects, Trevor envisions a "industry transformation from AI-driven demand and supply predictions, proactive supply chain risk management, and generative AI based supply plan corrections." Trevor states, "What offers me is the opportunity to explore the next evolution of planning technology. In my career in and around the supply chain I've seen game-changing technology demonstrated twice. The first was at Kinaxis when I saw the power of in-seconds what-if simulations across demand and supply which enabled concurrent planning and network planning. The second was seeing's applications of predictive and generative AI. What struck me as I evaluated the opportunity with is that Supply Chain Executives don't have to wait to benefit from all the generative AI hype ushered in by ChatGPT. I was frustrated by the lack of practical applications of AI and the gap between what technology vendors have been communicating and what can actually be delivered. But, with the opportunity is here to disrupt legacy supply chain processes we all know do not work and are reinforced by siloed systems. has figured out how to get started solving the fatal flaw of every current planning system that forces you to pursue certainty and creates a plan that isn't feasible and never gets executed. About is a system of intelligence that supercharges your current planning and transaction systems with the power of probabilities. Unlike traditional systems that rely on fixed rules and simplified assumptions, uses cutting-edge AI/ML technology to conquer variability and improve your decision-making process. With risk-adjusted recommendations and automated workflows, you'll achieve unprecedented productivity, service levels, and cost savings in your supply chain.

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Supply Chain

project44 Unveils AI-Powered Enhancements for Supply Chain Visibility

project44 | October 09, 2023

Chicago-based supply chain visibility platform, project44, has unveiled several AI-powered enhancements to its Movement platform. These upgrades aim to simplify multimodal visibility and improve carrier data quality for shippers and logistics service providers (LSPs). By automating key processes, project44 intends to facilitate cost savings and efficiency gains. Jett McCandless, Founder and CEO of project44, highlighted the significance of these advancements, stating that many existing visibility solutions fail to address costly blind spots and poor data quality issues, leading to avoidable supply chain costs. project44's machine learning-powered solutions, on the other hand, offer sophisticated insights to transform supply chains from cost centers into competitive advantages. The enhancements to project44's suite of visibility products include: Extended Visibility: Merging data from carriers and forwarders to provide complete door-to-door visibility, helping shippers proactively manage inventory in transit and reduce manual effort. Enhanced China OTR Visibility: Expanded coverage in China's road freight market, enabling complete visibility from factory to consumer door, including cross-border data transfer. Shared Visibility: Facilitating automatic sharing of visibility data between brand owners, LSPs, customers, and partners for improved collaboration without manual activities. Customers leveraging these new capabilities are experiencing significant business benefits. For example, Alcon, a multinational vision care products provider, is using Extended Air Visibility to provide real-time tracking capabilities for time-sensitive airfreight shipments. Brenntag Essentials, a global chemical distribution leader, is benefiting from Extended Truckload Visibility to stay connected during entire journeys with real-time shipment status information. Poor data quality can hinder the value of visibility investments. To address this issue, project44 has developed machine learning-powered solutions that automatically resolve data quality issues and provide specific fixes when manual intervention is required. These enhancements are expected to offer shippers and LSPs improved visibility, better collaboration, and increased efficiency in supply chain operations. To learn more about project44's End-to-End Visibility solution, visit their website. About project44 project44 is a leading end-to-end visibility platform, tracking over 1 billion unique shipments annually for 1,300 global brands across industries. The company's mission is to optimize global product movement, enhancing resiliency, sustainability, and value for customers. It operates the most trusted end-to-end visibility platform globally, with recognition as a leader in the field. Notable achievements include being named a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader and ranking #1 on FreightWaves' FreightTech 25 for 2022. Headquartered in Chicago, project44 operates in 170 countries, supporting tracking for various modes like truckload, LTL, ocean, rail, air, and final mile.

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