Powerbridge Technologies is Building a Supply Chain Management SaaS Platform based on Blockchain Technology

Powerbridge Technologies | July 29, 2021

Powerbridge Technologies Co., Ltd., an innovative technology services provider, said that it is presently developing a Blockchain-enabled Supply Chain Management SaaS Platform, which would use Blockchain technology to improve and integrate traditional supply chain systems.

Powerbridge Technologies is an innovative technology firm specializing in AI, IoT, Blockchain, financial technologies, and SaaS solutions and operational services in areas such as cross-border trade, smart cities, and government services.

Powerbridge's Blockchain-enabled Supply Chain Management SaaS Platform will connect suppliers, logistics service providers, distributors, retailers, and end-users into an integrated feature network, enabling real-time information sharing for all participants while ensuring information transmission efficiency and credibility.

Powerbridge's President and Chief Financial Officer, Stewart Lor, stated: "We believe that by using our Blockchain management platform, Blockchain technology will be able to be applied in more realistic situations and thoroughly integrated with businesses. We will continue to conduct trials and breakthroughs in Blockchain applications and SaaS. We anticipate that the use of Blockchain technology will result in continuous revenue growth for the company. In the future, Powerbridge will expand its application to supply chain finance technology and other areas."

About Powerbridge
Powerbridge Technologies Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, offers a variety of smart-technology-based products and solutions, such as global trade-related ports and customs management platforms, cross-border and global trade solutions, smart city technology products and solutions, and technology-enabled financial services, utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as Big Data, AI, Blockchain and IoT.


REEFER For the transport of temperature-sensitive goods Contargo uses refrigerated containers, known as “reefers” for short.

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Loadsmith Partners with Mastery Logistics to Optimize its Freight Network as it Expands Autonomous Trucking Solution

Loadsmith and Mastery Logistics | May 12, 2022

Loadsmith, the leading third-party Capacity-as-a-Service (CaaS) logistics platform for shippers and carriers, announced a new partnership with Mastery Logistics that will fuel Loadsmith's transition into the first fully autonomous trucking company.To power its nationwide CaaS platform, Loadsmith will deploy Mastery's MasterMind® cloud-based transportation management system (TMS), creating new freight capacity for shippers, more rewarding driving jobs and supply chain resiliency. The groundbreaking new solution creates a more efficient, economical and environmentally friendly transportation network that can help offset current overwhelming demand, bolster against future supply chain disruptions and enable more sustainable operations. As part of its fully autonomous strategy, Loadsmith recently secured 350 autonomous trucks through TuSimple and plans to further expand its autonomous fleet. Implementing MasterMind® enables Loadsmith to offer its shipping customers dynamic transportation options including autonomous middle-mile with power-only first- and last-mile capacity. Using the platform, shippers can track freight and monitor and optimize their transportation strategies in real-time to meet changing needs. The platform also integrates directly with the Loadsmith carrier mobile app, making it easy for drivers to find and book loads on demand. "In meeting our technological needs, Mastery offers an out-of-the-box approach to solving optimization and workflow challenges that no one else even comes close to, Their platform makes it easy to integrate all the moving parts required for building a next-generation autonomous transportation network, allowing us to deliver better service and execution to our customers—both shippers and drivers." -Brett Suma, CEO at Loadsmith Built by freight experts for freight experts, the enterprise-grade MasterMind® TMS provides complete visibility across all modes of transportation, giving shippers full optimization control and the ability to leverage capacity in real-time. Mastery's solution embraces the complexity of supply chain management and simplifies it for shippers, carriers and third-party providers by delivering the scale, stability, speed and automation required to manage the reality of today's supply chain challenges. "Partnering with Loadsmith gives us the opportunity to help pioneer the autonomous transportation future but also stretch and strengthen the capabilities of our product, We thrive on solving these complex challenges and look forward to the insights and efficiencies that will emerge from this partnership over time." -Jeff Silver, CEO at Mastery Logistics. With a prolonged driver shortage projected to maintain its impact on the trucking industry, drivers have hesitations in taking over-the-road (OTR) jobs that keep them away from home and their families. Loadsmith's strategy aims to accelerate growth in jobs that offer a better quality of life for drivers by eliminating the long haul. OTR jobs are extremely hard, and drivers deserve options. They might want to be home nightly, present with their families or have more consistency—they may want first- and last-mile jobs, Suma said. Our network design and optimization combined with the autonomous middle mile provides the ideal solution for both shippers and drivers as we evolve truckload transportation. To learn more about Loadsmith's capacity-as-a-service logistics platform, visit About Loadsmith Loadsmith is a leading third-party logistics platform headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with additional locations in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in 2019, Loadsmith was built by industry professionals who have worked with America's greatest carriers, large and small to deliver top of the line business management and transportation services. Using the latest in transportation technology, Loadsmith creates a seamless transportation logistics experience, providing innovative solutions to our customers and partners. About Mastery Mastery Logistics Systems was established in 2019 with the mission to help large carriers, logistics service providers, and shippers manage complex transportation needs in an efficient, cohesive, and intelligent way. Mastery is led by founder Jeff Silver, whose previous systems and teams have powered some of the largest logistics companies in North America for over four decades. Mastery is building logistics solutions and systems from the ground up with a growing team of engineering, programming, and implementation experts. Mastery's MasterMind® TMS is a comprehensive cloud-based SaaS transportation management system, designed to be the World's First Lovable TMS™. MasterMind® TMS is built for size, stability, speed, and automation, providing unprecedented visibility and control by embracing the complexity that is the reality of the supply chain world.

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AdvancedDock Creators Announce New Logistics Smart Seal™ Technology

Advanced Solutions | May 04, 2022

Advanced Solutions, creators of the AdvancedDock Yard and dock management platform and AdvancedBOL (Electronic Bill of Lading), announced the release and support for their new logistics Smart SealTM. The new product utilizes AdvancedDock to support the ability to seal and capture load and truck information digitally."Smart Seal™ allows our customers to improve the accuracy of data collection for truck and container shipments from shipper to final destination, "Any of us who have had to record, read, rekey or verify seal numbers on a paper bill of lading will appreciate the simplicity of tapping a smart seal using our software and it being captured digitally within our eBOL and available immediately within the backend ERP. This is the simplest scenario, but we are already exploring new use cases with our trial customers." -Managing Principal Phillip Avelar. When launched, the patent pending Smart SealTM will be supported by their AdvancedBOL bill of lading software and AdvancedDock, the next generation yard and dock orchestration platform. Using the company's software, a driver or dock employee can digitally capture and record truck/shipment information by tapping their tablet or phone against the Smart SealTM. Simplifying the collection and tracking of load information and enhancing the security of goods being transported. Smart Seal is the latest product to integrate with Advanced Solutions' Yard and Dock orchestration platform. To learn more about about Smart Seal and Advanced Solutions' enterprise products or to request a demo, visit About Advanced Solutions Advanced Solutions, founded in 1999, specializes in supply chain orchestration solutions. In 2015, it released the logistic industry's first complete electronic bill of lading (eBOL) solution AdvancedBOL for SAP. In addition, the company provides enterprise products such as AdvancedDock for SAP a next generation Yard and Dock orchestration platform for SAP and CommandView for SAP, an AI-based logistics control tower solution.

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Shipwell’s Transportation Management System Has the Recipe for Success This Produce Season

Shipwell | April 05, 2022

Shipwell, an industry-leader in cloud-based shipping and logistics, announced that it is providing shippers the tools needed to successfully navigate this year’s hectic produce season. With a native end-to-end visibility and premium carrier network, Shipwell’s TMS solution will enable companies to successfully navigate this season’s unique challenges by, for example, granting instant access to premium and reliable capacity options across modes from full truckload and less than truckload.Capacity is particularly scarce and expensive during the high-volume shipping produce season. The ongoing driver shortage and supply chain snarls that have plagued the industry for over two years now contribute to the challenges, but this season brings its own hazards. Added disruption caused by rising fuel prices and the need for more trucks during produce season routinely causes a shortage of trucks for carrying other types of freight — placing excess burden throughout the supply chain. “Shipwell’s advanced TMS solution is the perfect recipe to solve your capacity challenges during produce season, Quickly seeing and resolving these issues is imperative. Ensuring capacity is secured and shipments arriving on time requires visibility, as well as the ability to proactively manage and resolve delays across supply chains. Customers who leverage our TMS solution have seen a 98% on-time performance.” -Shipwell Co-Founder and CEO Greg Price Shipwell’s integrated premium capacity network, which comprises 850,000 drivers, gives instant access FTL- and LTL-capacity options, as well as parcel and drayage, stretching across the entire country to ensure shipments get out on time and on budget. Customers also gain instant access to a nationwide network of over 2 million reliable electronic-logging-device (ELD) connected units. Produce season further exacerbates an already existing challenge within supply chain management: obtaining capacity at reasonable rates. Shippers also need to manage elevated customer expectations while navigating delays caused by an increase in road traffic, natural disasters and inclement weather. Austin-based Marcus Technologies, which manages the transportation of protein, had been mired in a manual process to book customer freight. Upon becoming a Shipwell customer, Marcus Technologies was able to automate that task and deliver better customer service. As a result, claims fell by 50%, and within six months, shipping costs dropped 16.4%. “I used to spend the majority of my day writing emails and on the phone with vendors, but now Shipwell has allowed me to focus on higher-level projects, t’s been a life changer.” -Abiel Venezuela, a Marcus Technologies logistics manager Shipwell will soon announce two new products during this high-impact season to further demonstrate the holistic nature of the company’s TMS solution. Shipwell is transforming the supply chain industry with a cloud-based, all-in-one shipping solution that scales with the clients’ business. From order management to financial reconciliation, Shipwell’s solution saves time, reduces cost and optimizes the shipping experience throughout the entire supply chain. Shipwell’s customers have been able to save costs and transform their supply chain with insights that streamline the process from the first to the final mile. About Shipwell In a world where shipping expectations and complexity are greater than ever, Shipwell is on a mission to empower supply chain efficiency at scale across every company size, stage, and industry. Supply chain solutions today are highly disconnected, rigid, and difficult to use, but Shipwell is disrupting the status quo. Our solution combines everything our customers need in a comprehensive platform that adapts as the market and business demands change, so they can effectively manage the entire process in one place and never have to rip and replace. Shipwell is proud to be recognized by industry experts as a leader in shipping and logistics, including Gartner Magic Quadrant for TMS, Forbes 2020 Next Billion-Dollar Startup, and was named fourth fastest-growing company in North America on the 2021 Deloitte Technology Fast 500. To learn more, visit

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SecurityScorecard, the global leader in cybersecurity ratings, announced a partnership with the Maritime Transportation System Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MTS-ISAC). This partnership will enable MTS-ISAC to increase security and resiliency through complimentary access to the SecurityScorecard platform. This will enable MTS-ISAC to monitor its own organizations, as well as the vendors and counterparties it leverages to run its respective businesses. This partnership will also serve to strengthen the collective supply chain formed by MTS-ISAC members, which addresses some of the challenges unearthed in a recently released report on the U.S shipping industry, "Proactive Security Measures for Global Maritime Shipping." The report, authored by SecurityScorecard researchers, concludes that cyber vulnerabilities are a significant risk to U.S. maritime security. According to guidelines released by the International Association of Ports and Harbors in September 2021, the maritime industry in general suffered a fourfold increase in cyber attacks and those attacks against OT systems specifically increased by 900 percent over the last three years. This partnership will enable MTS-ISAC to increase security and resiliency through the SecurityScorecard platform. "The integration of technology into maritime operations enables greater efficiency, but also emphasizes the importance of preventing cybersecurity catastrophes. We know by the increase in malicious activity aimed at vessels, shoreside facilities, ports and other infrastructure that cyberthreats are not limited to land borders, We help the maritime industry to mitigate rising cyber threats by providing greater efficiency and utilizing trusted and transparent scoring models for maritime operators." -Aleksandr Yampolskiy, co-founder and CEO of SecurityScorecard SecurityScorecard's platform aligns with the mission of MTS-ISAC to promote and facilitate maritime cybersecurity information sharing, awareness, training and collaboration efforts between private and public sector stakeholders. This partnership furthers the mission to advance cyber risk management across the MTS community through effective information sharing for the improved identification, protection, detection, response and recovery efforts related to cyber risks. "The different cybersecurity challenges posed by information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) systems combined with the complexity of the maritime industry's supply chain create challenges for risk management, SecurityScorecard can help maritime industry stakeholders to understand the changing cyber risk landscape by allowing operators to see the same vulnerabilities and risks that malicious actors see." -Scott Dickerson, executive director at MTS-ISAC Our market leading cybersecurity ratings now reach 13 ISAC partners, and through the addition of the MTS-ISAC, SecurityScorecard can help the maritime industry manage its unique digital ecosystems that are a result of increased use of cloud-enabled IT/OT/IIoT systems," continued Yampolskiy. "We also support more than 400 member companies of various ISACs, and we look forward to continuing to expand this program in the coming year." SecurityScorecard collects and analyzes global threat signals that give organizations instant visibility into the security posture of vendors and business partners as well as the capability to do a self-assessment of their own security posture. The technology continuously monitors 10 groups of risk factors to instantly deliver an easy-to-understand A-F rating. To access the report on Proactive Security Measures for Global Maritime Shipping, visit To learn more about SecurityScorecard's partnership with MTS-ISAC, visit . About SecurityScorecard Funded by world-class investors including Evolution Equity Partners, Silver Lake Partners, Sequoia Capital, GV, Riverwood Capital, and others, SecurityScorecard is the global leader in cybersecurity ratings with more than 12 million companies continuously rated. Founded in 2013 by security and risk experts Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy and Sam Kassoumeh, SecurityScorecard's patented rating technology is used by over 30,000 organizations for enterprise risk management, third-party risk management, board reporting, due diligence, and cyber insurance underwriting. SecurityScorecard continues to make the world a safer place by transforming the way companies understand, improve and communicate cybersecurity risk to their boards, employees and vendors. Every organization has the universal right to their trusted and transparent Instant SecurityScorecard rating. For more information, visit or connect with us on LinkedIn.

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