Insite360 and TrueFill Collaborate For Enhanced Logistics Capabilities

Insite360 | July 28, 2021

Insite360 and TrueFill Collaborate For Enhanced Logistics Capabilities
Insite360, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gilbarco Veeder-Root and a Vontier company, has signed a partnership agreement with TrueFill, expanding our logistics portfolio. Insite360 has long been the industry leader in enterprise fuel logistics services. Insite360 can target gaps in other solutions to offer instant value to our clients by using TrueFill's modular approach to technology.

"TrueFill offers extensive expertise and a long history in high-scale and high-transaction software development, as well as one of the industry's shortest development cycles. This brings with it a new perspective on innovation, "Brent Hamby, Insite360 Global Product Manager for Supply Chain, said. By forming this partnership, Insite360 will help to expand the entire market for logistics solutions as the industry's digital transformation continues.

"This collaboration combines Insite360's large installed base with TrueFill's Silicon Valley roots to offer fast innovation to our joint customers. TrueFill's modular architecture meets clients where they are, providing a fresh perspective to an industry in need of new ideas and enhancements. We're thrilled to be able to contribute to the market's growth." TrueFill's Co-Founder and CEO, Brandon Huff, said.

About Insite360
As the industry's first and most complete cloud platform for on-demand fueling and site management, Insite360 leads the fueling market. The Insite360 platform boosts sales, reduces operational costs, optimizes equipment efficiency, improves customer experience, and provides advanced analytics to propel businesses forward.

For over 30 years, Insite360 has been at the forefront of the industry, automating all aspects of the fuel and site management process from rack to nozzle, enhancing the customer experience. Insite360 is a fully owned subsidiary of Gilbarco Veeder-Root that is leading the fueling site service management revolution.

About TrueFill
TrueFill is constructing the next-generation fuel technology business. But not in the manner you would expect. We are neither a fuel supplier or carrier, neither are we a trader or a jobber. We also do not buy or sell fuel.

What we're doing is developing some amazing technology that simplifies and automates the process of getting fuel ordered from a customer, lifted and loaded (wherever the product is), delivered, and billed correctly every time.


Located nationwide near port cities, airports and major distribution corridors, R+L Carriers' warehousing services are powered by R+L Global Logistics. Our services include warehousing and distribution, kitting and assembly, trans-load, and cross-dock, order fulfillment and management, EDI and system integration, accessibility and quick distribution.

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6 River Systems (6RS) announced its deployment with Project Verte, a full circle e-commerce solution provider that helps brands grow and directly engage with customers. 6RS will support fulfillment activities at Project Verte’s distribution center (DC) in Atlanta, which fulfills orders for numerous retailers and brands. The Atlanta DC will also serve as 6 River Systems’ southeast hub for site tours, allowing fulfillment professionals in the Atlanta area to tour an active, high-volume warehouse powered by flexible automation solutions. Project Verte enables sellers to connect to every sales channel and seamlessly manage all aspects of a customer journey through a single seller platform. Their offering includes the Verte Seller Platform and the nationwide Verte Fulfillment Network that provides 2-day delivery. With Project Verte, brands can “sell anywhere and fulfill in every way while managing everything” with one platform that powers every element of a unified commerce customer journey. "Our deployment of 6 River Systems reflects our desire to collaborate with companies that share our vision of changing the world of fulfillment, logistics and e-commerce,” said Bob Klunk, COO, Project Verte. “Project Verte exists to enable brands to serve their own customers with an advanced and easy to use digital platform, and with the addition of 6 River Systems' collaborative robots in our warehouse, we are also able to guarantee SLA performance and a best in class experience." To better support Project Verte and its other 3PL, retailer and distributor partners, 6 River Systems recently expanded the software capabilities of its wall-to-wall fulfillment solution. The new capabilities have been designed to help senior-level warehouse operators further improve site management, gain more concrete business transparency across singular or multiple sites and accelerate their return on investment.

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Located nationwide near port cities, airports and major distribution corridors, R+L Carriers' warehousing services are powered by R+L Global Logistics. Our services include warehousing and distribution, kitting and assembly, trans-load, and cross-dock, order fulfillment and management, EDI and system integration, accessibility and quick distribution.