Epes Transport Introduces New Truck Driver Hiring Website

Epes Transport has introduced a new professional truck driver hiring website, The mobile-friendly site features a new look and feel, improved functionality, and a streamlined online application process.

Professional truck drivers are the lifeblood of our company's operations, We understand how competitive it is in the marketplace for drivers and we are confident Epes has much to offer."

Phil Peck, president of Epes Transport.

Epes Transport is a regional dry-van full truckload carrier dedicated to providing quality transportation services. The company's major transportation markets include the Southeast, Southwest, Northeast and Midwest. Epes Transport operates a fleet of over 1,350 power units, over 7,500 trailers and employs approximately 1,200 drivers.

Epes has terminals strategically located in the Eastern U.S. to include Greensboro, North Carolina; Charlotte, North Carolina; Winston Salem, North Carolina; Richmond, Virginia; Rockwall, Texas; Valdosta, Georgia; Morristown, Tennessee; and Meridian, Mississippi. 

Epes Transport, headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, is one of the largest private trucking companies in North Carolina and provides truckload and dedicated contract carriage services to a variety of industries. Epes is a business unit of Penske Logistics.


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Supply Chain

Interos Multi-tier Catastrophic Risk Enhances Supply Chain Resilience

Interos | September 22, 2023

Interos, the AI-first operational resilience company, has introduced an innovative solution, Catastrophic Risk visualization and monitoring. This technology takes a proactive approach to supply chain resilience by allowing organizations to pre-plan months in advance, strategically mitigating the potential impact of a wide range of catastrophic risks, from hurricanes and wildfires to grid failures and disease outbreaks. This significant announcement from Interos comes at a pivotal moment, marked by an alarming increase in climate-related disasters, resulting in substantial financial losses and human impact. In the United States and globally, 23 billion-dollar disasters total $57.6 billion in losses, as reported by NOAA. Interos' groundbreaking technology addresses the financial aspect and aims to protect lives by shifting enterprises from lagging to leading indicators. It provides early assessments of suppliers exposed to various hazards, including weather patterns, climate fluctuations, communication vulnerabilities, infrastructure challenges, and healthcare capacity constraints. By combining immediate and seasonal hazard intelligence, businesses can proactively detect and prevent seasonal disruptions and disaster-related issues within their extensive supply chains. This innovative solution establishes Interos as a key player in enhancing supply chain resilience and mitigating unanticipated disruptions. Jennifer Bisceglie, Interos Founder & CEO at Interos, said, "Leaders throughout industries recognize the need to take control of risk in an environment where resilience delivers competitive advantage. If you think about large-scale, multi-year programs, enterprises need the ability to project where things are going with respect to weather, inflation, energy crisis and other trends to make better-informed business decisions based on impact to their supply chains ongoing operations." [Source – Cision PR Newswire] Organizations lacking sub-tier supplier visibility face substantial financial consequences, incurring a collective annual loss of $45 million due to delayed catastrophe response. This figure rises to $82 million, encompassing multifaceted supplier risk factors. Interos' recent report highlights a 33% increase in disruptions since 2022, spurring enterprises to prioritize early preparedness and crisis mitigation, potentially saving $37 million annually. Interos' technology reshapes supply chain risk management by integrating proactive resilience measures, expediting critical supplier processes and ensuring comprehensive risk management at scale. Through the continuous mapping and monitoring capabilities offered by Interos, enterprises can proactively and effectively navigate the complexities of risk, ensuring supply chain resilience is upheld at both speed and scale. Interos' transformative technology equips organizations with the tools to safeguard their supply chains in an increasingly intricate and interdependent risk environment. About Interos Interos is an AI-driven operational resilience company dedicated to helping clients attain Resilience by Design. Leveraging innovative scoring and relationship discovery technologies, Interos empowers customers to streamline risk assessment, detection, and response. As the world's inaugural and sole automated supplier resilience platform, Interos excels in the comprehensive mapping and monitoring of physical and digital supply chains on a grand scale. This proactive approach safeguards organizations against a spectrum of threats, encompassing regulatory violations, unethical labor practices, cyber threats, financial instability, catastrophes, and other systemic vulnerabilities.

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ACERTUS Unveils New Transportation Management System for Auto Shippers

ACERTUS | November 07, 2023

ACERTUS, a leading automotive logistics-as-a-service platform, has unveiled its new Transportation Management System (TMS). This cutting-edge system grants vehicle shippers unparalleled visibility into their operations, featuring real-time GPS tracking, advanced digital inspection data, automated reporting, and customized data visualization. By harnessing the power of machine learning and seamless connectivity with ACERTUS' digitally-enabled transport network, this platform successfully addresses a long-standing challenge within the vehicle shipping process—namely, the lack of transparency regarding asset location as it traverses the supply chain. Trent Broberg, the Chief Executive Officer at ACERTUS, remarked that modern-day technology has made it extremely easy to track products ordered online during the delivery process. However, there still existed substantial blind spots when it came to shipping cars. In this context, he explained that their new Transportation Management System is driving the industry forward by providing shippers with real-time vehicle visibility, modernizing the process, and eliminating guesswork. The TMS connects shippers with the largest multimodal transport network of carriers and drive-away drivers in North America. It simplifies and streamlines auto shipping, offering instant quotes, single and multi-VIN ordering, standard and expedited shipping rates, and API connectivity for seamless integration with existing operating systems. This release represents ACERTUS' ongoing commitment to delivering advanced, proprietary products that enhance automotive supply chain management. About ACERTUS ACERTUS is a leading omnichannel automotive logistics as a service platform that provides integrated end-to-end solutions for vehicle lifecycle management. By placing a strong emphasis on technology and innovation, ACERTUS offers a comprehensive suite of services, including vehicle storage, transport, maintenance, registration, title, care & maintenance, repossession, freight transport and compliance services, among others. The company consolidates these services under one roof, thereby significantly enhancing efficiency and reliability for its customers throughout the entire vehicle journey.

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Supply Chain

FourKites Report Highlights Tech's Role in Speeding Up Supply Chains

FourKites | October 12, 2023

FourKites, a leading supply chain visibility provider, released a new report titled 'Data-Driven Decisions: Why Many Supply Chains Are Falling Behind,' to enhance the customer experience and accelerate delivery times. The latest report reveals the pressing issues within the industry by highlighting the challenges that supply chain leaders in the US and UK face, including the imperative to cut costs. FourKites, in partnership with YouGov, surveyed 500 supply chain leaders from diverse sectors to comprehend their strategies for digitalizing supply chains and managing risk. The report found that 72% of the respondents acknowledge the significance of integrating fragmented supply chain data, and 42% intend to invest in technology within the next year; a substantial portion of these leaders grapple with accessing the essential data required to make informed decisions. Additionally, 48% rate their supply chain digitization as suboptimal, and 43% lack a single source of truth for their data. This information underlines the current supply chain landscape, wherein many industry leaders strive to harness data's power for effective decision-making. In addition, it also indicates that only 45% of supply chain leaders use their supply chain data for strategic decisions, while 14% do not utilize this data at all for decision-making. Moreover, nearly half, 48% of respondents, struggle or rate their efforts as 'not great' in digitizing their supply chain. Another challenge lies in integrating internal systems and establishing a singular source of truth, as 43% face difficulties. In response, 42% of respondents plan to invest in technology over the next 6 to 12 months to mitigate supply chain risks. The increased tech investment focus among enterprise companies is significant, with 70% intending to bolster technology. Furthermore, approximately 52% of companies aim to enhance supply chain resilience by diversifying their supplier/provider base. FourKites platform offers a comprehensive solution that transcends system silos, stakeholders, modes, and geographical boundaries, enhancing coordination from transportation to order management. It encompasses the most extensive supply chain data set within a secure cloud-native, multi-tenant SaaS application. It facilitates secure data sharing among Fortune 500 companies and their supply chain networks. Innovations like Fin AI (FourKites Intelligence Network) and My Workspace are further bolstering the decision-making capabilities of customers by harnessing data from the FourKites platform and third-party sources. This cutting-edge approach empowers supply chain professionals to access solutions with unparalleled speed and accuracy, ensuring their businesses remain at the forefront in the competitive industry. About FourKites FourKites, a global supply chain visibility leader, empowers businesses with insights into their transportation, yards, warehouses, stores, and more. This cutting-edge platform continually tracks over 3 million shipments daily, spanning road, rail, ocean, air, parcel, and last-mile segments, reaching a vast network covering over 200 countries and territories. Leveraging the potential of real-time data and advanced machine learning, it offers a transformative solution to companies seeking to digitize their end-to-end supply chains. Trusted by over 1,200 of the world's most renowned brands, including 9 out of the top 10 CPG and 18 out of the top 20 food and beverage companies, FourKites paves the way for businesses to forge agile, efficient, and sustainable supply chains.

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Software and Technology

Tive Transforms Shipment Visibility with One Million Tracker Milestone

Tive | October 13, 2023

Tive, a global leader in real-time, end-to-end shipment visibility solutions, has announced the selling of its one-millionth tracker. The company has revolutionized supply chain visibility, providing advanced technology that precisely locates shipments across all modes of transportation, empowering customers to monitor shipment conditions and take immediate action at any point during the shipment's journey. Since its inception, Tive trackers have generated 3.3 million real-time shipment alerts, safeguarding customer shipments globally and covering almost 6 billion miles of travel across road, air, ocean, and rail. The attainment of the one million tracker milestone underscores Tive's steadfast commitment to fostering innovation and delivering substantial value to its global customer base. Tive has profoundly transformed the management of global supply chains across multiple industries by providing a comprehensive, real-time view of shipment movement and condition. Tive's cutting-edge tracking technology empowers businesses to preemptively identify and address potential issues in their supply chain operations by leveraging a combination of real-time sensor measurements, data science, and advanced analytics, leading to enhanced efficiency, responsiveness, agility, and customer satisfaction. Its dedication to sustainability is exemplified through the Get Green program, initiated in 2020. The program has made significant strides, featuring a tracker rebate initiative to encourage tracker refurbishment and repurposing alongside measures to reduce Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions, benefiting the environment and enabling customers to minimize emissions through enhanced supply chain visibility. This holistic approach reflects Tive's commitment to operational excellence and environmental responsibility. Additionally, Tive's trailblazing introduction of the Solo 5G Non-Lithium tracker, the world's first of its kind, underscores its commitment to environmental stewardship. This innovative non-lithium tracker enhances supply chain visibility and contributes significantly to sustainability by eliminating lithium waste from landfills. The company's dedication to mitigating its environmental footprint extends to prioritizing non-lithium trackers, aligning with its core sustainability values. Komoni, emphasizing their conscientious approach, states, "Tive is extremely conscious of the effect that our business has on the planet." This unwavering commitment to addressing social and environmental challenges represents a top priority for Tive and its valued customers. As Tive remains at the forefront of innovation, its mission is steadfast: to empower businesses of all sizes to optimize their supply chain operations, reduce costs, and elevate customer satisfaction. With an ever-expanding global network of partners and customers, Tive stands well-prepared to continue leading the charge in providing unparalleled visibility to supply chains worldwide, fostering efficiency and sustainability across industries. About Tive Tive, a real-time, end-to-end shipment visibility solutions provider, offers an indispensable service to over 600 leading global shippers, logistics service providers, and retailers. The company's trusted platform empowers businesses to monitor the real-time location and condition of shipments, providing vital insights to enhance operational efficiency and ensure superior end-customer satisfaction. It leverages cutting-edge cloud technology, proprietary sensor innovations, and round-the-clock Live Monitoring services to effectively mitigate excursions, reduce delays, minimize load rejections, and curtail theft, damage, and spoilage incidents. Tive's clientele relies on their expertise to guarantee every shipment's punctual and intact delivery, recognizing the paramount significance of each consignment in the broader supply chain industry.

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