Cintra and Assembly Intelligence Partner to Focus on Smart Transportation Infrastructure

Cintra | March 15, 2022

Assembly Intelligence, an affiliate of Assembly Ventures, announced  a new partnership with Cintra. Together the organizations will jointly focus on accelerating the development and deployment of technology-enabled transportation infrastructure. Through the agreement, Cintra, one of the largest private global developers and operators of transport-related infrastructure, will work with Assembly Intelligence to engage key sector leaders in critical dialogue around the future of techn"Continuing to build transportation infrastructure the way we have for decades is a lost cause," said Chris Thomas, Co-Founder & Partner of Assembly Intelligence. The future of mobility will emerge around the next generation of infrastructure, systems, and applications. We are incredibly excited to kick off this partnership with Cintra both for their focus on the future of technology-enabled infrastructure as well as for the opportunity to work together alongside a firm with a truly global reach.

"As the leading global developer and operator of highway infrastructure, we must build with an eye toward future innovation, Collaborating with industry leaders is key to developing innovative mobility solutions that create a more connected, safer, and sustainable mobility for all. Industry partnerships are critical for sharing and exchanging knowledge, experiences, and ideas. Cintra is proud to announce our partnership with a visionary company like Assembly Intelligence and we look forward to working towards the common goal of improved mobility."

-Ricardo Sanchez, Global Head of Technical Services and Innovation at Cintra.

He added, Imagine improving fluidity, connectivity, and safety through smart highways, AVs, and other forms of transport, without the constant need for new roadway capacity. In that case, there are positive implications for wellbeing, the environment, taxes, and investment—and who doesn't want that

In conjunction with the Cintra partnership announcement, Assembly also released "Mobility 4.0: Making Sense of a Sector in Transformation." This white paper explores how transformation driven by connectivity and digitalization will enable transportation systems to evolve and integrate a greater variety of modes that optimize individual needs. Through a three-layered framework called "ISA" the paper examines how new connections between infrastructure, systems, and customer facing applications can bridge current physical and digital connections in transportation systems. A downloadable version of "Mobility 4.0" can be accessed here.

The partnership announcement was made as part of SXSW's Global Smart Cities Round Table hosted at the Midwest House. Invited guests included corporate, startup, investment, and public sector representatives. Participants met to share current projects and collaboration best practices on the development of city technology platforms, innovative financing, the role and importance of data, and a growing access and inclusion in communities.

About Assembly Intelligence
Assembly Intelligence was created by the founding partners of Assembly Ventures to engage with global mobility industry leaders. Its work complements that of Assembly Ventures, the first transatlantic mobility fund in the world.

About Cintra
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Cintra is the world's leading private transportation infrastructure development company, delivering efficient and innovative solutions to global mobility needs for over fifty years Cintra manages nearly $11 billion of infrastructure assets in the United States across five managed lanes projects. safety, and sustainability.


Hans Ehm from Infineon Technologies AG, Head of Supply Chain Innovations  gives the detailed explanation.

Other News

Stonepeak and Spirit Super to Acquire Australia’s GeelongPort

Stonepeak | November 21, 2022

Stonepeak, a leading alternative investment firm specializing in infrastructure and real assets, and Spirit Super, an Australian industry super fund, announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire 100% of Australia’s GeelongPort Pty Limited (“GeelongPort”). GeelongPort is Victoria’s second largest port located approximately 75 kilometers southwest of Melbourne within Victoria’s largest regional city, Geelong. Under the terms of the agreement, Stonepeak, on behalf of its managed funds and accounts, will hold a majority 70% interest in the entity and Spirit Super will have a 30% stake. GeelongPort is a diversified landlord port and a major driver of Victoria’s economy, managing over A$7 billion of trade and supporting more than 1,800 jobs across the state. We believe the location of GeelongPort makes it of high strategic significance, as it provides easy access to logistics routes for trade through critical road, rail, air, and channel connections for Geelong and south-west Victoria’s supply chains. Stonepeak and Spirit Super’s long-term investment horizon and strong focus on operations will, in our view, support GeelongPort in its continued efforts to grow and deepen relationships with key customers and business partners. For over 150 years, GeelongPort has played a fundamental role in the Victorian economy with operations underpinned by long-dated, blue-chip public and private contracts, including the Spirit of Tasmania operated by TT Line. GeelongPort comprises 15 berths over two primary precincts, Corio Quay and Lascelles Wharf, providing land, infrastructure, and services to facilitate trade for some of Victoria’s largest businesses. GeelongPort handles close to 12 million tonnes of cargo and more than 600 vessel visits each year. “As a high-quality landlord port with operations that are critical to Australia’s economy, GeelongPort is a natural fit for Stonepeak’s core infrastructure strategy, It is a highly contracted entity with strong barriers to entry and stable and predictable demand drivers, which we believe are even more compelling when coupled with the port’s meaningful opportunities for long-term growth through additional development to meet future import-export demand in the region. We look forward to working closely with the GeelongPort team to help further their objectives and invest behind this integral component of the Victorian economy.” -Darren Keogh, Senior Managing Director at Stonepeak. We are excited for what our investment will mean for the long-term growth of GeelongPort and pleased that members will now own a direct stake in one of Australia's largest regional infrastructure assets, said Ross Barry, Chief Investment Officer at Spirit Super. As the fund for hard working Australians, a key investment focus for the fund has been regional Australia, where we believe there is strong potential for long-term growth. About Stonepeak Stonepeak is a leading alternative investment firm specialising in infrastructure and real assets with approximately US$51.7 billion of assets under management. Through its investment in defensive, hard-asset businesses globally, Stonepeak aims to create value for its investors and portfolio companies, and to have a positive impact on the communities in which it operates. Stonepeak sponsors investment vehicles focused on private equity and credit. The firm provides capital, operational support, and committed partnership to sustainably grow investments in its target sectors, which include communications, energy transition, transport and logistics, and social infrastructure. Stonepeak is headquartered in New York with offices in Austin, Hong Kong, Houston, London, and Sydney. For more information, please visit About Spirit Super Spirit Super was established in 2021 through the merger of Tasplan and MTAA Super. As an industry fund for hard working Australians, they are focused on growing membership in rural and regional Australia. Spirit Super has over 324,000 members and $25 billion in funds under management.

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Slope Delivers Real-Time Clinical Supply Chain Insights with Launch of Study Dashboard for Sponsors

Slope | December 01, 2022

Slope, provider of the first eClinical Supply Chain Management (eCSCM) platform, announced general availability of its interactive Study Dashboard for Sponsors to address challenges coordinating and overseeing clinical supply chain management for one or more clinical trials across multiple research sites. The new interactive interface delivers clinical trial sponsors with accurate, real-time insights into their clinical trial supply chains including lab kit, investigational product (IP), device, and ancillary clinical supply inventories at research sites, and the state of biological samples from collection through lab receipt. With the Study Dashboard for Sponsors, clinical trial sponsors can proactively identify and address inventory and biological sample issues to reduce clinical trial risk, control costs, improve the productivity of clinical trial stakeholders, and increase subject enrollment and retention.By using the Study Dashboard for Sponsors, clinical trial sponsors can: Ensure each research site has the lab kits, IP, devices, and ancillary and other clinical supplies they need based on patient demand Identify high- and low-performant research sites based on their clinical supply inventory management, waste levels, and biological sample collection practices Monitor the chain of custody of biological samples, how quickly they progress through their journey, and resolve issues before they negatively affect the outcome of the clinical trial "Clinical supply chain management has always been a challenge for sponsors. As the average number of sites per study increases, this gets even harder. The industry's status quo of using manual processes—including error-prone spreadsheets, emails, and phone communications—just doesn't cut it, The Study Dashboard for Sponsors puts at their fingertips all the detailed clinical supply and biological sample information they need to determine the performance of each research site and identify issues that could signal major problems for the clinical trial down the road. I wish that I had always had Slope's Study Dashboard for Sponsors when I was running clinical trials—it would have saved my ClinOps team and me a lot of time and effort." -Hope Meely, Chief Clinical Officer at Slope. More About the Study Dashboard for Sponsors The interactive Study Dashboard for Sponsors supports drill-down from a list of a sponsor's research study protocols into detailed clinical supply inventory and biological sample data for each research site supporting the study. This data can be sorted, filtered, and drilled into further to gather the information a sponsor needs to take meaningful action. Sponsors can drill down into various levels of detail, including: Research Study Summary Dashboard - summarizes key clinical supply performance metrics for the research study and each research site Research Study Metrics - number of subjects enrolled, biological samples collected, clinical supply items used, destination labs, and suppliers Research Site Metrics Inventory Metrics - the amount of clinical supplies available, average inventory turnover time, percentage of clinical supply wasted, and IP on hand Biological Sample Metrics - number of biological samples registered, stored, and shipped by the research site, and delivered to and received by the destination lab Biological Sample Details Sample types—pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, hematology, chemistry, genomic, tissue, skin, punch, etc. Subject ID Associated visit and timepoint Date and time of collection Current state—registered, staged, shipped, delivered, and received Sample Journey Chart - the chain of custody details for each biological sample as it progresses from state to state Who moved it from state to state The date and time it was moved State details such as location, tracking ID number, and associated shipping e-manifest Alerts if there are issues such as slow state transitions About Slope Slope provides an online eClinical Supply Chain Management (eCSCM) platform for sponsors and research sites collaborating on complex, sample-intensive, early-phase clinical trials. The Slope eCSCM platform reduces clinical trial risks, reins in costs, improves the productivity of clinical trial collaborators, and increases subject retention by moving the manual, spreadsheet-driven, and error-prone processes used to manage and track clinical supplies and biological samples to a digital platform. Through its 21 CFR Part 11-compliant platform and protocol-specific guided workflows, Slope fosters collaboration between sponsors, sites, suppliers, labs, biorepositories, and couriers; provides real-time visibility into activities at research sites; ensures traceable chain-of-custody for supplies and samples in use, transit, and storage; and contributes to stronger compliance. To date, Slope has managed over a million supplies for thousands of studies across hundreds of sites.

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Loadsmith Enhances Capacity with Wabash's Trailers as a Service Offering

Loadsmith, Inc | November 30, 2022

Loadsmith, the leading third-party Capacity-as-a-Service (CaaS) logistics platform for shippers and carriers, and Wabash (NYSE: WNC), the visionary leader of connected solutions for the transportation, logistics and distribution industries, today announced a new partnership to enhance capacity of Loadsmith's CaaS logistics platform through Wabash's Trailers as a Service (TaaS)™ offering. This multi-year agreement with Wabash will add new Loadsmith-branded Wabash DuraPlate® dry van trailers into service over the coming years, giving carriers and shippers the capacity they need to maximize operational and freight efficiency at a time when it's needed most. In addition, the Wabash TaaS platform provides Loadsmith with worry-free maintenance and repair provided by Wabash's national dealer network. CaaS: A Trailer Pool without the Capital Investment Because the largest and most consistent shippers often require trailer pools, smaller carriers are unable to access their networks, limiting their load availability and revenue growth. The Loadsmith Freight Network (LFN) allows small and mid-size carriers to scale their customer reach without making a significant capital investment, enabling them to take on high-volume lanes they otherwise would not be able to tap into. This will allow carriers to be more consistent and efficient as they look to expand their businesses. A Complete Solution for Total Trucking Logistics Management With the Loadsmith platform, carriers can book, track, and monitor trailers in real-time directly through the mobile Loadsmith Driver App and its forthcoming Carrier Portal. Loadsmith is creating the most complete, integrated ecosystem for third-party trucking logistics management. The added capacity through the Wabash TaaS platform allows Loadsmith to scale its offering to meet the needs of any size customer, engage with more shippers and deliver consistent freight for carriers through a simple, easy-to-use platform. Loadsmith carriers now have access to the entire Loadsmith Freight Network, its self-service Driver App to find and book loads and, coming soon, the Loadsmith Carrier Portal. The entire solution is orchestrated through Mastery Logistics' MasterMind® sophisticated cloud-based transportation management system, providing carriers and shippers complete visibility across all modes of transportation, full optimization control, and the ability to leverage capacity in real-time. "Loadsmith is leading the digital transformation in the trucking industry with a comprehensive technology platform that's solving both our current logistics needs and powering a more efficient, resilient supply chain for the future, As the freight transportation industry evolves quickly, we're pleased to be at the forefront of innovation, with solutions and partners like Wabash that are driving the next generation of logistics efficiency." -Brett Suma, Loadsmith CEO About Loadsmith Loadsmith is a leading third-party logistics platform headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with additional locations in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in 2019, Loadsmith was built by industry professionals who have worked with America's greatest carriers, large and small to deliver top of the line business management and transportation services. Using the latest in transportation technology, Loadsmith creates a seamless transportation logistics experience, providing innovative solutions to our customers and partners. Learn more at Wabash: Changing How the World Reaches You Wabash (NYSE: WNC) is the visionary leader of connected solutions for the transportation, logistics and distribution industries that is Changing How the World Reaches You®. Headquartered in Lafayette, Indiana, the company enables customers to thrive by providing insight into tomorrow and delivering pragmatic solutions today to move everything from first to final mile. Wabash designs, manufactures, and services a diverse range of products, including: dry freight and refrigerated trailers, flatbed trailers, tank trailers, dry and refrigerated truck bodies, structural composite panels and products, trailer aerodynamic solutions, and specialty food grade processing equipment. Learn more at

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Freight Technologies, Inc. Collaborates with Prestigious University in Mexico

Freight Technologies, Inc. | December 02, 2022

Freight Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: FRGT), (“Fr8Tech''), a technology company based on its custom-developed Fr8App platform, is powered by AI and machine learning and offers a real-time portal for B2B cross-border shipping and domestic shipping within the United States-Mexico-Canada (NAFTA) region, expands its training program, Fr8University, by directly collaborating with one of the most prestigious private Universities in Mexico. Fr8University, an educational program offering classroom and on-the-job training for incoming Fr8Tech team members and university students, was started in late 2020 and matriculated its first graduating class in early 2021. Fr8University is now moving beyond training and hiring students by directly entering into a collaborative agreement with a leading University in Mexico to secure the company’s access to talent with the view to ensuring continuity in the Company’s growth as well as providing academia with access to real-time business experiences and technology development challenges. “We have established a University-Company collaboration model, where an alliance has been created for educational reinforcement through the development of specific projects around new technologies. With this, we reaffirm our commitment to keep innovating at all times and collaborate with the professional learning community. The market for talent in our sector is increasingly impacting companies within the sector and we believe this alliance will give us a leg up on our competitors while providing a leading university with some unique offerings for its student body.” -Mario Mena, HR director at Fr8App Javier Selgas, CEO of Fr8Tech, said, The students will be immersed in the logistics world by participating in our Fr8University program. With the knowledge gained from our program and their understanding of computer science, the Company gains insights on the latest trends in technology and the students get to have a real impact on some live projects taking place at our company. About Fr8University Fr8University program was initially designed to develop our collaborators by providing training in an extensive list of topics in different areas that facilitated their successful incorporation into the truckload freight industry value chain workspace. Now, Fr8University is expanding its program scope by creating alliances with universities, where university talents have the opportunity to collaborate on real projects that add value to our operation. About Freight Technologies Inc. Freight Technologies (Fr8Tech, Nasdaq: FRGT) is a technology company developing solutions to optimize and automate the supply chain process. Its wholly owned subsidiary Freight App, Inc. (Fr8App) is a B2B cross-border shipping marketplace in the NAFTA region powered by AI and machine learning. Focused on making shipping transparent and efficient, Fr8App provides carriers with increased growth opportunities and shippers with flexibility, visibility and simplicity for the once-complex process of international over-the-road (OTR) shipping. Fr8App uses its proprietary technology platform to connect carriers and shippers and significantly improve matching and operation efficiency via innovative technologies such as live pricing and real-time tracking, digital freight marketplace, broker, transportation management, fleet management, and committed capacity solutions. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas. For more information, please visit

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