The North American Supply Chain Executive Summit

September 12-14, 2022 | USA

The North American Supply
Supply Chain Management as a professional discipline is under constant evolution.  The challenges of getting things where they need to be on-time, on-budget in the quantity and quality required fall upon a key group of business leaders who guide their organizations through both crises and opportunities, all the while building supply chain capabilities and competitive advantage. Now more than ever, transformation and change are the watchwords of how supply chain organizations function. New and emerging tools and technologies are revolutionizing what is possible. Strategies and tactics to build agile, resilient, versatile supply chains in a world of risk and disruption are in a constant state of evolution. Meanwhile, supply chains have also transitioned from the cost of doing business to the engine of profit and growth


DHL “Logistics Talks” is a new video series where we interview senior supply chain and logistics executives about the things that matter. In our third episode we interview Chris Busch from United Cargo on the topic of adapting supply chains to market disruptions.


Supply Chain Digital Summit: Technology for agility and resilience

October 29-December 1, 2022 | UK

Supply Chain leaders are facing a number of challenges. Of all industrial sectors, the supply chain network has the most to gain from harnessing industry 4.0 but what are the best ways to chart a course, form a strategy, and a roadmap towards industry 4.0 success? Sense check your approach with like-minded industry experts, sharing insight on business-critical challenges and disruptive technology, and drive your industry forward collaboratively.

TPM 2023

February 26-March 1, 2023 | USA

The premier conference for global logistics technology, addressing the industry’s drive toward digitization and automation. Join us for an immersive experience of insight, analysis and networking. Ticket add-ons available at a discounted rate at checkout. After being subjected to two years of the most severe disruption in modern history, international supply chain participants are exhausted, frustrated, and, as the second half of 2022 got under way, still searching for an elusive return to anything resembling a pre-pandemic normalcy. As summer turned into fall and volumes noticeably slowed as rates weakened, some believe normal flow will in fact be restored in early 2023, of course barring any new and unforeseen shocks to the system.

The Future Transport Forum 2023

January 18-19, 2023 | UK

The Future Transport Forum is the new annual meeting place for anyone working in cutting edge future mobility projects in the UK and beyond.The event will focus on the rapidly developing Future Transport Zones (FTZ) areas, as well as related projects that are making journeys easier, smarter and greener with new technology

7th Green Shipping Summit

February 15-16, 2023 | Netherlands

The 7th Green Shipping Summit aims to bring the maritime community towards an innovative future while rebuilding and reinvesting in the industry for a sustainable and carbon-neutral future. The meeting will provide a holistic insight into the future of the maritime supply chain operations and interconnections between its players, along with a spotlight on embracing, adopting, and deploying existing and upcoming solutions, fuel alternatives, and technologies with practical and realistic planning.