NAFA's Institute & Expo

The NAFA Institute & Expo is the premier professional development and networking event that brings together fleet professionals from across North America in every segment including corporate, government, public safety, utility, education, and more. Gather insight and perspective about the many facets of the fleet professional’s day-to-day responsibilities and strategic leadership role while examining high-level topics such as technology, asset management and managing competing priorities.




February 25-28, 2024 | USA

RILA’s conference(s) provide a unique opportunity to network with my peers while also hearing the latest, best-in-industry practices in supply chain. I recommend LINK to those looking for a learning and networking opportunity in retail supply chain next year.

Manifest 2024

February 5-January 7, 2024 | USA

Manifest Vegas brings together the most comprehensive ecosystem of those innovating and transforming end-to-end supply chain and logistics.

International Conference on Transportation Demand Management and Analysis

November 14, 2023 | USA

International Conference on Transportation Demand Management and Analysis (ICTDMA-23) at San Francisco, USA strives to serve all those engaged in the discipline of Transportation Demand Management and Analysis as an avenue for growth and community-building. At this event, all stakeholders - participants, keynote speakers, presenters, volunteers, and others, will get access to best-in-class resources, infrastructure, and opportunities that will help them accomplish every one of their professional objectives irrespective of how diverse and varied they are.

Global Smart Ports Summit 2023

October 17-18, 2023 | Germany

The latest innovations in ports are aggressively taking over the day to day running of the industry. It’s seemingly becoming an inevitability for the efficient functioning of the sector. Many innovations include unmanned trucks, which efficiently collaborate with each other using cloud-based centralized dispatching, and are directed to automatic locking and unlocking stations. This is one of many innovations that are up and coming. What is most important is providing the right technologies for the right scenarios with openness, cooperation, and mutual benefits in mind.