Mexico's Auto Industry Summit 2023

Mexico's Auto Industry Summit
Mexico`s Auto Industry Summit 2023 at Leon, Gto., is a unique opportunity for leading OEMs in Mexico and potential suppliers to meet and identify new business partners. At the same time, through conference sessions and case studies, participants will learn the latest developments in manufacturing and supply chain dynamics in Mexico.



The 13th International Conference on Logistics & Transport 2023

September 27-29, 2023 | Finland

The theme for this year's event is "Circular Supply Chain for Resillience". Submitted abstract and manuscripts are double blind peer reviewed and the best paper will be invited and considered for publication in the ECTI Association Journal or International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications.

International Conference on Transportation Demand Management and Analysis

November 14, 2023 | USA

International Conference on Transportation Demand Management and Analysis (ICTDMA-23) at San Francisco, USA strives to serve all those engaged in the discipline of Transportation Demand Management and Analysis as an avenue for growth and community-building. At this event, all stakeholders - participants, keynote speakers, presenters, volunteers, and others, will get access to best-in-class resources, infrastructure, and opportunities that will help them accomplish every one of their professional objectives irrespective of how diverse and varied they are.

MOVE 2023

June 21-23, 2023 | UK

Once upon a time there was a planet called Earth that came to being destroyed by its people.Every day carbon-based industry and transport chipped away at Earth’s fragile eco-system and made its people sick.One day, eminent scientists and the wise warned of the coming carbon apocalypse.Because of that, Earth’s citizens pledged to end their fatal carbon addiction and ICE-based transport.Because of that, we created MOVE to promote and develop sustainable urban transport.Until finally Earth will have a sustainable, exciting and creative transport system that is full of possibilities.

Digital Supply Chain Transformation 2023

November 1-2, 2023 | USA

Digital Transformation is an ongoing journey for today’s C-Suite leaders, and our best advice is to not trek it alone. Our Digital Supply Chain Transformation Assembly is set to be a groundbreaking opportunity for Global Chief Supply Chain Officers to meet face-to-face and connect on the current trends & challenges the industry is facing as we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic.