Global Supply Chain and Logistics Summit

November 18-19, 2021 | Netherlands

Supply Chain and Logistics relates and affects each other by: having a dramatic effect on how businesses can improve their systems, integrate more concise applications and therefore make more informed real-time decisions. All of this creates obstacles for businesses. Like, how to stay competitive in a constantly changing market, being able to learn from past occurrences or different ways to edge competitors within the technological ecosystem. Industry 4.0 is characterized by its speed, magnitude and depth. This is why it is crucial to stay informed with the key trends that make Supply Chain and Logistics operations fluid and more resilient to market shifts all the while staying aware of customer needs and wants. The global reach that Supply Chain’s and Logistics has through industry 4.0 is helping to drive innovation that enables companies to meet market expectations whilst staying profitable. Through coopetition, businesses can work together on multifaceted aspects and bring about the revolutionary process that drives technological change.


ECO LINE is an innovative service which leverages on the growing network of public trains to efficiently collect and deliver parcels in megacities.


Future of Freight Festival

November 8, 2021 | USA

FreightWaves is excited to bring back in-person events bigger and better than ever before! Come see what happens when smart cities and logistics innovation unite for a week in an immersive experience where guests will experience what the near future will be like. F3: Future of Freight Festival will be engaging with live demonstrations, enabling the innovators a chance to present their offerings in front of a crowd of the most powerful names in freight. F3 will continue FreightWaves’ tradition as the hottest FreightTech conference in the world, where industry leaders discuss the key factors impacting freight markets and review the latest trends pushing our industry forward. ‍ F3 will take over downtown Chattanooga—the heart of Freight Alley and home of FreightWaves—on November 8-10, 2021, with events throughout the city at 30+ venues and our central hub at the Chattanooga Convention Center. We have modeled the experience like the most compelling tech events in the world: SXSW, Dreamforce, and CES. We’re excited to show off our community and support our local small businesses while continuing to raise the bar for events. You will participate not only in a forward-thinking freight conference, but an indoor/outdoor festival that includes exclusive VIP experiences, rapid-fire demos, interactive sponsor kiosks, entertainment and music, all in the Scenic City of Chattanooga on the banks of the Tennessee River. ‍

NextGen Supply Chain Conference

November 2-4, 2021 | USA

Join us virtually on November 2 – 4, 2021 for the 3rd annual NextGen Supply Chain Conference focused on Driving the Digital Future. Is your supply chain ready for what comes next? That’s a question all supply chain leaders should be asking. One thing we know for sure is that the pandemic has unleashed an unprecedented amount of investment in technology to help us realize our strategies and business plans. After all, technology is the backbone of the digital supply chain future. Technology is also crucial to mitigate and recover from the next disruption, whatever that may be.

AVL Conference: Powering Mobility through Virtualization

October 19-21, 2021 | USA

The conference will cover the trends and technologies disrupting the industry and transforming the next generation of clean, connected, and affordable mobility.

LogiSYM Digital 2021

October 19-20, 2021 | Singapore

Logisym Digital 2021 brings industrial knowledge sharing on par with the times with its online mini-symposium that will allow thought leaders and critical thinkers across multiple countries to participate at the same time. Logisym offers pragmatic, real-world insights that transcend Logistics & Supply Chain sectors.


ECO LINE is an innovative service which leverages on the growing network of public trains to efficiently collect and deliver parcels in megacities.