600Minutes Supply Chain Management

Still recovering from the pandemic and subject to uncertainty until the vaccines gradually bring us back to a normal world, we can be sure that the corona crisis has brought about changes within the organization that have transformed many activities. How can you enhance your supplier and sustainability management as well as your readiness to respond to changing demands? How can digitalization help to achieve better visibility and performance across your supply chain?




February 25-28, 2024 | USA

RILA’s conference(s) provide a unique opportunity to network with my peers while also hearing the latest, best-in-industry practices in supply chain. I recommend LINK to those looking for a learning and networking opportunity in retail supply chain next year.

International Conference on Urban Freight Transportation and Distribution - (ICUFTD-23)

October 23, 2023 | USA

Science Society delighted to welcome academicians, students , researchers and industrial professionals to illustrious Conference dated 23rd October-2023 at Miami under the theme Urban Freight Transportation and Distribution is for broad logical discourse, both intra-and interdisciplinary, among Universities, Colleges, Academicians and Department personnel through an assortment of Distinguished addresses, Plenary sessions, Workshops, Symposiums, Oral and Poster introductions, Virtual/Video presentations and Webinars.

International Conference on Sea Transportation and Logistics (ICSTL-23)

October 30, 2023 | USA

International Conference on Sea Transportation and Logistics. which is scheduled to take place on the October 30th 2023 in Chicago, USA organized by Institute for Technical and Academic Research (ITAR) will offer researchers, delegates and scholars an incredible chance to interact with each other and share their experience and knowledge of technology application. In order for true progress to be achieved in Sea Transportation and Logistics, it simply isn't enough for professionals in the field to gather at boilerplate events that have been designed as part of a "one-size-fits-all" approach to to academic event organizing.

World Freight Summit 2023

November 8-9, 2023 | USA

World Freight Summit 2023 brings together key players from the world freight industry to probe and explore winning strategies and technologies in ocean, road, air, rail freight dealing with smart tools making it more efficient, cost-effective, and easier to track and manage global shipments.