Young Logistics Pros Share Secrets of Career Success

Did you find your supply chain career or did it find you? Some people “backed into” the warehousing, distribution, transportation or logistics industry. Others have pursued the field as a course of study through the increasing number of highly-respected university and college programs. Either way, with the diversity of opportunities for careers in our field spanning job descriptions, companies, geographic locations and diverse challenges there’s always something to learn, especially as our field works to attract the next generations to its ranks.
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Scaling up a supply chain is a challenge that not many enterprises could master in their first attempt. Bigbasket, India's leading e-retailer scaled up their business from 1 to 10 mn+ customers in just under seven years. They expanded their presence to over 30 cities across India.Developing a supply chain is a challenge which is at the heart of any such expansion. Upsizing-procurement, maintenance and transportation in a short time frame require decision-making capabilities far more substantial than human know-how. Right from sourcing the best vegetable and ingredients to delivering it to the correct customer address on time, every day throws a new challenge.
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How to be in control of your fleet’s hull integrity and maintenance

Easily plan inspections and manage scope of inspections Proactively manage structural defects and anomalies to mitigate risk and avoid more costly repairs later on Have more control over your hull integrity and maintenance programmes and be able to prove this to your stakeholders Cut costs for hull surveys, maintenance and dry-docking Get fleet and sister vessel overview supporting proactive actions Reduce the risk of surprises and costly delays in next drydock
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The 2023 Gartner Power of the Profession Supply Chain Award Winners

What companies stand out for the most impactful supply chain innovations? Join this complimentary supply chain webinar which reveals the winners of the 2023 Gartner Power of the Profession Supply Chain Awards. Now in its ninth year, this annual community-driven recognition program inspires supply chain transformation around the globe. See leading examples of supply chain excellence in action in the following categories: Customer or Patient Innovation; Process or Technology Innovation; People Breakthrough; and Social Impact.
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Supply Chain Visibility and Data Management

Data management is collecting and using data to help make better decisions and give better direction now and in the future. Data Management's goal should be to help people, organizations, and connected entities optimize the use of data so that they can make decisions and take actions that benefit the entire Supply Chain(s).
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