Webinar Plug-and-Play: The Death of the “One-Off” Supply Chain

Hear supply chain experts discuss this next-generation supply chain model, which consists of a core set of standardized, easily replicable solutions, augmented with bolt-on process components that are tailored to unique segment or market needs.
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Video ini memuat tentang mannequin challenge PT DHL Supply Chain Indonesia MUF Cimanggis (Where i work there) My 1st Video that i posted on My Youtube Channel .


Supply Chain Management: Does What I Eat Put Me at Risk?


Risk is all around us. We deal with it on a daily basis both in our personal and our professional lives, often with little conscious thought. Whether you are trying to choose the right investment options for retirement or have to decide whether coconut is an allergen your food facility needs to be concerned with, you need to understand how to identify and address risk. It is a critical part of doing business, particularly when you are working in food safety and quality assurance. Not properly identifying and dealing with risk could result in serious human health threats including injury, illness and even death.

Container Market & Freight Rate Trends

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide

Drewry invites you to a webinar briefing on Wednesday 31 October 2018 on the outlook for container shipping and freight rate trends. The presentation will examine recent trends in the shipping market, freight rate evolution as well as an analysis of the industry's financial health. The webinar will round off providing Drewry’s outlook including their view of future industry profitability.

IoT Supply & Demand Chain Executive Educational Webinar


The Internet of Things (IoT) is making major transformational changes to supply chains. How can improved connectivity and analytics give you a strategic advantage? Learn more in this webinar IoT Supply & Demand Chain Executive Educational Webinar with Software AG’s Sean Riley.

Salesforce for Oil & Gas: From the Ground to the Cloud

bright talk

Oil and Gas is a competitive business: commodity pricing, seasonal demand, supply availability, inventory costs, and delivery logistics can reduce margins to fractional cents.