Unique Storage and Handling Optimization Solutions You Need to Know About

Modern Materials Handling

Distribution centers store a variety of products that vary in size, shape, and weight. While a standard bay of pallet rack isn’t always the best solution to store these products, it is unfortunately often settled upon.Identifying and implementing the ideal material handling solution can ensure optimized storage density and selectivity while increasing efficiency and, ultimately, profits. This is why it’s so important that your material handling system aligns with your products characteristics and picking processes.
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Value Network - The Way forward for a Resilient Supply Chain


Future-ready resilient enterprises need a digital-twin of their existing networks of manufacturers, suppliers, customers and financial institutions to prevent their businesses against demand supply shocks and compete in the global economy. Join us in this webinar to learn how your organization can take a leap from complex, hierarchical and fragmented value chains to a multi-enterprise business network to create an agile foundation for your business.
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Potential outcomes in 2022 and risk mitigation strategies

Our speaker Bill Rooney, Vice President Strategic Development, will cover various aspects of the expiration and re-negotiation of the ILWU stevedore union contract including: ILWU contract expiration and what it means, potential for labor action on the US west coasts, risks associated with a labor action on the US west coast and the impact of a possible labor action and labor risk mitigation strategies.
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What is driving decisions on mobility and transportation?

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the auto industry and mobility as we know it. New business models – such as vehicle subscriptions, on-demand mobility and shared-car ownership – have emerged and continue to outpace us as we speak. How has this progress altered consumer behavior and purchase intent? And which trends accelerated by the global pandemic will continue on the road to mass adoption?
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Supply Chain Design for the next decade: Redesign today to meet tomorrow's needs

In the not-so-distant past, supply chain design seemed simpler. Deliveries went to predictable locations, supply networks were stable, and for the most part, delivery windows were generous. That's history. The shutdown of the global economy in the spring of 2020 unleashed a tsunami of e-commerce orders and pent-up demand. Add to that political disruptions, tariffs, shortages of people, assets, resources and supplies and manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers are rethinking what happens inside their facilities, as well as where distribution and order fulfillment activities take place to better serve the customer.
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