The Ultimate Inbound Logistics Management Best Practices Guide


In the webinar we covered the following material around best practices for inbound logistics management: The 45 to 60 minute webinar on how to combine both technology and expertise to tackle ever increasing inbound freight costs will cover the following material
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From Supply chain to supply network, from reactive to proactive, experience the value of resilience and crack the code.


Shippers are utilizing dedicated transportation to secure contracted, consistent capacity

Sustained record consumer demand and market volumes have forced shippers to look at their transportation strategy differently. Many shippers have found dedicated transportation to be a valuable solution to their supply chain woes in helping to secure contracted, consistent capacity. Join Schneider’s Barry MacArthur, Haroon Syed and Bernardo Rodarte, along with Trevor Williams from LEGO, to learn:  Why the market is predicted to continue to experience sustained demand. What dedicated transportation is and when it’s a good fit for shipper networks. How Schneider’s shippers, like LEGO, have been utilizing dedicated transportation to respond to their supply chain challenges. How your organization can utilize dedicated transportation to obtain more capacity. Share your questions in an anonymous forum.
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Think Outside the Cart: How AMRs Optimize Warehouse Fulfillment

Modern Materials Handling

In this webcast Mike Levans, Group Editorial Director of Peerless Media and Locus Robotics’ CEO Rick Faulk discuss how warehouse robotics is already dramatically changing the fulfillment paradigm to significantly improve the capability and efficiency and helping operators “think outside of the cart”.
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Top trends series: upping the game in mobility and logistics

Intelligent Transport

Other discussions were based on logistics and platooning. Speakers delved into ERTICO’s AEOLIXproject which leverages digital technologies to improve efficiency and to contribute to transport and logistics digitalisation of goods supply chains in Europe. As well as ENSEMBLE, an H2020 project using ITS-G5 technologies, that is paving the way for the adoption of multi-brand truck platooning, to assist drivers and improve traffic safety.
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How Electric Trucks, Big Data & Connectivity are Changing the Freight Industry

The SmartWay Freight Matters

E-commerce, technology acceleration and increasing demand are driving the freight industry to innovate, address changing customer expectations, improve freight productivity and achieve greater supply chain efficiency. To stay ahead, companies are collaborating with logistics service providers and vehicle and equipment manufacturers to invest in solutions that will help move their products and supplies as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible. This one-hour recording provides insights into technology’s growing influence on transportation and the emergence of electric trucks in last mile, less-than-truckload, and long-haul deliveries. It will help you understand the impact of these changes on the efficiency and sustainability of your company’s freight operations, today, and in the future.
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