The Gartner Top Supply Chain Themes for 2022 and Beyond

Supply chains face unprecedented challenges, impacted by the ongoing pandemic, security incidents and global shortages. Supply chain leaders need to embrace a themed approach to communicate which technology solutions will best help the enterprise navigate these challenges and generate new growth opportunities. This complimentary supply chain webinar explores the top technology themes you need to embrace through the remainder of 2022 and beyond, determining which offer the best opportunities to supplement and support immediate tactical and longer-term technology planning decisions and investments.
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Blockchain in Supply Chain, Transport & Logistics in Asia

Global Supply Chain Council

For both brands, merchants and retailers, the path to online orders across borders is still a bumpy one. Cross-border deliveries still mean back-office administrative headaches including still major bottleneck with the customs, unexpected duties and taxes, currency conversion issues, increasing risk of fraud and deliveries delays and more.
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Igniting Sustainability Change Through Intel's Supply Chain


In this on-demand recording of a March 2018 webinar, learn how companies are undertaking the daunting challenge of driving improved sustainability within their supply chains. Intel has been on the journey transforming its supply chain into a global model for responsible sourcing practices for well over a decade. Jocelyn Cascio from Intel shares insights illustrating how they have integrated sustainability and showcases how they achieved results.
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Supply Chain and Procurement Metrics - How Are You Performing?

Zycus Inc.

This on-demand webinar with Bill Michels, CEO at Airpart Cosulting focuses on different type of metrics for procurement and supply chain with details on the application of metrics. Since all organizations are different, this webcast shares how to develop key performance indicators and how to minimize effort to get essential supplier and performance data. Watch this video to learn how to review and use metrics to improve supplier value, performance and relationships.
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Driver Shortage: The Great Debate and Research too

The effect of long dwell time on driver retention—NEW research! How Census Bureau capacity predictions influence the order of new trucks What it all means for your business—this year and beyond
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