Tackling the truck technician shortage

Fleet Owner

Nearly 80,000 technicians will be needed in trucking over the coming decade. Will there be enough “new blood” to fill those slots? Will they have the right skills?Join us for a free Fleet Owner-exclusive webinar
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An early payment program for Ready to Pay invoices. Supported by robust third party technology that enables Suppliers bid for funds. C2FO appointed as platform partner.


Supplier diversity - why you need it and how to achieve it

The definition of supplier diversity How having a diverse supply base can enhance reputation and revenue, as well as reduce risk Ways to overcome common pitfalls when establishing a supplier diversity programme The importance of measuring success and progress to maintain momentum - and how to go about it Examples of good practice in action
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Supply Chain and Procurement Metrics - How Are You Performing?

Zycus Inc.

This on-demand webinar with Bill Michels, CEO at Airpart Cosulting focuses on different type of metrics for procurement and supply chain with details on the application of metrics. Since all organizations are different, this webcast shares how to develop key performance indicators and how to minimize effort to get essential supplier and performance data. Watch this video to learn how to review and use metrics to improve supplier value, performance and relationships.
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How to hit that curveball thrown at your supply chain?

What happens to innovation: is a crisis fostering or hindering innovation? What about resilience and risk: did risk management fail to predict a mega crisis? What should change in the future to create more resilient supply chain organizations? How can companies recover and grow if cash is missing?
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The Ultimate Inbound Logistics Management Best Practices Guide


In the webinar we covered the following material around best practices for inbound logistics management: The 45 to 60 minute webinar on how to combine both technology and expertise to tackle ever increasing inbound freight costs will cover the following material
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