Supply Sensing: An essential practice for ensuring agility and responsiveness in CPG supply chains

Supply Sensing: An essential practice
Across consumer products, anticipating volatile demand is only half the battle. With supply shortages becoming increasingly common, many companies in the industry are leveraging data and advanced analytics-driven supply sensing capabilities that provide them with a more accurate and comprehensive picture of inbound supply.
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Reducing operating costs by implementing smart hull integrity management with ShipManager Hull

Reduce technical operating costs and TCO by implementing a dedicated management system focusing on hull inspection and maintenance Ensure higher quality of data from ship hull inspections reported by crew or structural superintendent teams Provide guidance to crew to know where to focus ("hot spots") and what type of defects to look for Integrate information from visual inspections with information from thickness measurement campaigns in one common platform Easily share information reported from one vessel across sister vessels
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Meet logistics challenges head-on with new advancements

Logistics is experiencing rapid change, and we're developing tools to meet new challenges. In this session, we'll show you the latest enhancements to Oracle Transportation Management, share customer results, and demonstrate how technologies such as machine learning and digital assistants are driving supply chain efficiency and helping companies respond to disruption.
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The State of Carrier Payments: Selecting the Right Payment Strategy for Your Organization


The payment process can present a number of challenges within the freight industry, from dealing with errors in invoices to managing and protecting the sensitivity of the data they contain. As a result, many companies opt to outsource their payments to third parties who specialize in payments to save time and avoid the complexities altogether. And when it comes to selecting a payment method, carriers are opting for factoring over QuickPay six times more often, but both options have pros and cons. So how do you ensure that you’re selecting the payment route that’s right for your 3PL while still building carrier loyalty?To explore the benefits and drawbacks of these payment options and provide the information needed to ensure you’re making the best option to meet your needs, FreightWaves is partnering with TriumphPay to present an hourlong webinar
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How to get started with Cold Chain Logistics?


In this webinar by Anne-Sophie Zerlang Karlsen, Global Head of Reefer Solutions at MAERSK, explains how to get started with Cold Chain Logistics.The webinar covered five main topics:What commodity are you planning to ship and how far?What is the right mode of transport and equipment?Who should you have a contract with: single modal provider, shipping lines or through a forwarder?What is your need for transparency, and what options do you have?How do you understand your risks, and what are the options to mitigate the same?
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