Supply chain strategies in a brave new trade world


Organizations with even moderately complex multinational supply chains face significant challenges in today's increasingly complex trade and commerce reality:
- Dealing with a market-driven proliferation of SKUs
- Growing use of contract manufacturers
- Proliferation of commerce channels
- A more uncertain trade environment
- Unprecedented market volatility
- Impact and cost of ongoing legal, regulatory and taxation changes
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Customer, identified on a Price Quotation issued by Expeditors International of Washington, Inc. and its subsidiaries(“Expeditors”). and Expeditors agree as follows.


10 Best Practices for Automating Your Dispatch and Delivery Operations


This webinar covers the most important issues regarding dispatch and delivery:How to handle multiple delivery models, including in-house, 3PL and crowdsourcing.How to find the balance between automated and manual delivery operations.How to build or level up your dispatch and delivery operations.
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Navigating European Freight Complexities

UPS Supply Chain Solutions hosted a virtual event to discuss the complexities surrounding the current European freight industry and its impact on global supply chains. Our team of panelists discussed the hottest topics affecting European trade, including the ongoing Covid-19 recovery, recent geopolitical implications, and sustainability requirements influencing trade throughout Europe.
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What is driving decisions on mobility and transportation?

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the auto industry and mobility as we know it. New business models – such as vehicle subscriptions, on-demand mobility and shared-car ownership – have emerged and continue to outpace us as we speak. How has this progress altered consumer behavior and purchase intent? And which trends accelerated by the global pandemic will continue on the road to mass adoption?
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See Your Supply Chain Like Never Before

Supply Chain Management Review

How do the world’s top supply chains see further and act faster? Many of them are gaining an understanding of how their supply chain flows are tied to outcomes to stay ahead of problems, and gain whole new efficiencies.
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