Supply Chain Optimization in Asia

Supply chain and network optimization is an old story made new again by the increased demands of smaller and more frequent deliveries, just-in-time supply chains, and omni-channel retailing. As customer service requirements become more complex in Asia, supply chain optimization becomes again the foundation to your logistics and fulfillment operations.
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Can Supply Chains be Lean, Mean and Green?

Our digital experts discuss the business imperatives of supply chains and share how digitalization helps maximize operational efficiencies. Understand the nuances of supply chain performance in CPG, retail and logistics.
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Vision's Role in Logistics/Warehousing Applications

During this Webinar, Tom Brennan, President, Artemis Vision, will discuss how the warehouse environment is a much faster environment where users cannot control the process. There are economic drivers to more or less automation within warehouse walls as they compete on speed, miles to the customer, and inventory turns. Finally, he will discuss the types of components required for vision systems used in these environments.
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How to optimize Seakeeping to keep your cargo safe


The webinar contains:Challenges related to Seakeeping,Common ways to tackle Seakeeping challenges,Considerations for technological solution to help with Seakeeping in order to avoid risks.
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Import and Export Webinar: Incoterms and potential issues

BDP International

How does your company view Incoterms? There can often be misunderstandings about their use and purpose. We will explore proper usage of Incoterms and how best to utilize them in your international transactions and highlight potential problems.
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