Supply Chain Network Design Use Cases; From Lowering Cost to Going Green

Supply Chain Network Design
Need to lower your supply chain costs, speed up delivery times or decrease carbon emissions? Start optimizing your supply chain! Watch this webinar to hear about impactful use cases from 4 large customers, including:
  • Opening/closing of DCs
  • Creating a strategic, digital twin of your network
  • Dealing with abrupt changes in demand
  • Finding optimal locations for plants and other resources
  • Modeling carbon cost
  • Evaluating the potential of M&A, and rightsizing your network following an acquisition
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Costovation: Bring Innovation to the Cost Side of the Business​

In this recorded webinar, Stephen Wunker from New Markets Advisors discusses with APQC's Marisa Brown why now is the time for organizations to use the tools of innovation on the cost side of the business to create products that both delight customers and are much more affordable in this time of inflation. He will also share success stories of organizations that have done this successfully.
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Shine a light on your supply chain blind spots

Supply chains are complex by nature. Global, multi-modal, time-critical, and relying on numerous participants to work in harmony. However, even within harmonious networks blind spots exits. These visibility gaps, generate mistrust, encourage information silos, and obstruct cross functional cooperation. The subsequent inefficiencies cost companies’ money, time, and reputation.
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Turn Freight Rate Insights into Action


Understanding the ocean freight market, rate trends and how certain factors influence them can be a complex task. Making strategic procurement decisions in a volatile market can be even more uncertain. See how you can leverage historical data and insights to give you the confidence in your negotiations with suppliers. Watch this 30-minute webinar and learn how historical ocean freight rates can influence preparation for your RFQ/tendering negotiations in 2019.
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Supply Chain Now Radio

Amazon has turned the business landscape on its head. Netflix has transformed the entertainment industry. Uber has revolutionized the transportation industry. Aerospace firms are feeling the squeeze. Are you ready for what’s next? According to LMA Consulting Group’s research study, The Amazon Effect: How Higher Customer Service Standards Impact Your Business and What You Can Do to Thrive, customers are no longer satisfied with quality products delivered on-time; instead, they want rapid delivery, “go the extra mile” partnership type service and collaborative R&D/ design.
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