Smarter supply chain management using AI

For sustainable competitive advantage in an uncertain world disrupted by COVID-19, businesses need to have a supply chain that is smart as well as agile. At Nagarro, we see supply chain optimization as a series of decisions that impact upstream and downstream processes. Data-driven approaches leveraging AI can enable organizations to take these decisions effectively and account for uncertainties in multiple areas such as supplier management, demand forecasting, reverse logistics, and order management.
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How Manufacturers Remain Resilient Amid Unrelenting Supply Chain Disruption

Global disruptions continue to challenge manufacturers like never before, with unplanned downtime estimated to cost $50 billion annually. In this environment, one of the most critical metrics to optimize is time to recovery – how many days it takes your supply chain to return to normal operations after a disruption. Watch FourKites experts discuss on innovative strategies to reduce time to recovery, minimize the impacts of disruption and increase resiliency.
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10 Best Practices for Automating Your Dispatch and Delivery Operations


This webinar covers the most important issues regarding dispatch and delivery:How to handle multiple delivery models, including in-house, 3PL and crowdsourcing.How to find the balance between automated and manual delivery operations.How to build or level up your dispatch and delivery operations.
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Strategic Supplier Management – The Balance Between Breadth and Depth

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed how little organizations knew about their supply chains. Building strong resilient supply chains will require a conscious development of collaborative supplier relationships to actively drive transformation. In addition, the importance of sustainable ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) has accelerated and driven the need for corporations to prove ESG credibility in order to meet mandatory regulatory requirements. To build sustainable and inclusive supply chains, it will take close effective supplier collaboration to both meet ESG metrics and achieve supply chain resilience.
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In this webinar, Joe Bellini (One Network Enterprises) explains how you can leverage network effects at scale, within your operations and across trading partners. Learn how you too can radically simplify and streamline your supply chain planning and execution, to improve service levels and reduce operating costs. In addition, you will learn how is this truly different from the systems that you currently operate in and why you cannot tackle today’s supply chain challenges without a network approach.
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