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Supply Chain Management Review

How do the world’s top supply chains see further and act faster? Many of them are gaining an understanding of how their supply chain flows are tied to outcomes to stay ahead of problems, and gain whole new efficiencies.
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Discover Sales and Operations Planning insights and processes that reshape the supply chain, optimize performance, and streamline business operations.


Demystifying the complexities of FTAs: Making the case for Essential [post pandemic] supply chain success

With an increasingly challenging trade environment, where unexpected customs duties can hit your supply chain hard, it’s becoming more important to embrace FTAs (Free Trade Agreements), which can open new markets and make significant cost savings. However, just 23 percent of businesses interviewed for Thomson Reuters annual global trade report used all FTAs available to them. The large multinational companies that do take advantage of FTAs often rely on manual processes to manage compliance.
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Creating a culture that attracts top supply chain talent


REASONS TO ATTEND THE WEBINAR Learn proven Supply Chain Management best practices Gain new insight and ideas for waging the War for Talent Hear helpful leadership perspective from a successful senior Supply Chain leader
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LEAD Network

This webinar is hosted by the LEAD Network Supply Chain Chapter and is presented by Daniela Baudisch, Global Manager Digitalization & Innovation at Schenker AG. Daniela will explore and share the key trends and innovations that are happing in Logistics today to help us get ready for tomorrow.
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Shippers are utilizing dedicated transportation to secure contracted, consistent capacity

Sustained record consumer demand and market volumes have forced shippers to look at their transportation strategy differently. Many shippers have found dedicated transportation to be a valuable solution to their supply chain woes in helping to secure contracted, consistent capacity. Join Schneider’s Barry MacArthur, Haroon Syed and Bernardo Rodarte, along with Trevor Williams from LEGO, to learn:  Why the market is predicted to continue to experience sustained demand. What dedicated transportation is and when it’s a good fit for shipper networks. How Schneider’s shippers, like LEGO, have been utilizing dedicated transportation to respond to their supply chain challenges. How your organization can utilize dedicated transportation to obtain more capacity. Share your questions in an anonymous forum.
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