Role of Logistics for Management of Healthcare Supply Chains during Covid-19

Role of Logistics for Management
The Covid-19 pandemic has been the perfect black swan event that has affected global supply chains with both economic and financial ramifications. In the medical domain, it has become evident that the unprecedented increase in the demand for patients with the virus and the corresponding acute supply shortages have led to new adaptive and constantly evolving supply chain tactics to meet demand. This talk would focus on how the crucial role of logistics services (both forward and reverse logistics) in facilitating dynamic operationalization of strategies to improve the effectiveness of the emergency supply chains. The key takeaways would include how new innovation and supply chain theories are shaping up to explain the resiliency and also what some of the interesting research questions to analyze in the future.
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The last stage of warehouse development project was completed last year by adding a new 7800 m2 building to the rest of Hegelmann Logistics facilities in Kaunas, Lithuania.


Helping steer your logistics operations to become a more resilient supply chain


Always on, connected, and informed, customers are demanding high-quality, individualized products delivered within increasingly shorter time frames. For businesses, meeting these market requirements call for better ways to synchronize the demand chain with the supply chain in real time.In this era of heightening customer expectations, logistics is leaving behind its supporting role to become a critical value differentiator. With retail and e-commerce becoming a business model in practically every industry, timely and accurate delivery is essential when creating the product experience.
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Strengthen Your Supply Chain Management with Forecasting and MRP

Proper supply chain management necessitates anticipating demand, limiting risk, and smoothing inventory management to avoid shortages or over-ordering. Demand forecasting and material requirements planning (MRP) are processes that can assist you in anticipating and mitigating supply chain delays and ensuring that customer demands are met without interruption. During this webinar, we will discuss and demonstrate how having the right forecasting and MRP tools in place, as part of your overall ERP strategy for your manufacturing business, can work together to strengthen your supply chain management.
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Vision's Role in Logistics/Warehousing Applications

During this Webinar, Tom Brennan, President, Artemis Vision, will discuss how the warehouse environment is a much faster environment where users cannot control the process. There are economic drivers to more or less automation within warehouse walls as they compete on speed, miles to the customer, and inventory turns. Finally, he will discuss the types of components required for vision systems used in these environments.
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Three key steps to data smart fleet management

Easily plan inspections and manage scope of inspections Proactively manage structural defects and anomalies to mitigate risk and avoid more costly repairs later on Have more control over your hull integrity and maintenance programmes and be able to prove this to your stakeholders Cut costs for hull surveys, maintenance and dry-docking Get fleet and sister vessel overview supporting proactive actions Reduce the risk of surprises and costly delays in next drydock
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