Mobile Communications in Trucking: From Luxury to Necessity

In freight transportation, smart phones and tablets are not just commonplace but inevitable. For both drivers on the road and managers in the office, you’re not likely to see such a person without one, the other or both.Join Fleet Owner, to learn about the essential nature of mobile communications for drivers and fleet managers.For drivers the appeal is easy. They can use phones and tablets to keep in touch with people at home and, with the same device, help make their professional lives more efficient with the swarm of applications now available.
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The Gartner Top Supply Chain Themes for 2022 and Beyond


Supply chains face unprecedented challenges, impacted by the ongoing pandemic, security incidents and global shortages. Supply chain leaders need to embrace a themed approach to communicate which technology solutions will best help the enterprise navigate these challenges and generate new growth opportunities. This complimentary supply chain webinar explores the top technology themes you need to embrace through the remainder of 2022 and beyond, determining which offer the best opportunities to supplement and support immediate tactical and longer-term technology planning decisions and investments.
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Risk Management and Resilience Engineering Strategies for Supply Chains

Mike Sherwin from the ISE department at the University of Pittsburgh and Jon Carmona from the supply chain team at The Poirier Group will tag team to bring fresh, innovative ideas on how to adapt supply chains in the face of the waves of disruption that are ahead. During this webinar, Jon and Mike will share systematic thinking on how this "Black Swan Event" is impacting the way we think about, plan, design, and execute supply chains.
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How to hit that curveball thrown at your supply chain?

What happens to innovation: is a crisis fostering or hindering innovation? What about resilience and risk: did risk management fail to predict a mega crisis? What should change in the future to create more resilient supply chain organizations? How can companies recover and grow if cash is missing?
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Improving Financial and Supply Chain Planning Alignment

Supply chain and finance teams, despite working together for so long, still don’t have a common language for producing effective plans. How can you achieve supply chain excellence if the teams responsible for delivering it aren’t even speaking the same language? They might not even agree on what excellence is.
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