Market Trends and the Case for Adding Parcel Shipping to your Freight TMS

In this 45-minute webinar co-sponsored by Cerasis, a leading North American 3PL focused on over-the-road transportation management solutions, and Pierbridge, whose Transtream technology powers some of the largest shipping operations in the world, including the Cerasis Rater TMS.
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Thriving in the Era of Uninterrupted Supply Chain Disruption: Managing Risk Proactively

Over the past year and a half, we have heard the term “New Normal” being used in all facets of life. As we have seen, the new normal for your supply chain unfortunately means more frequent disruption. COVID-19, along with its direct impacts (lockdowns, border closures, etc.), has sent a domino effect of related disruption, including supply shortages and financial distress – but these aren’t the only threats in town. We are now also seeing an increasing amount of extreme weather events, new laws (Biden Executive Order, EU Supply Chain Due Diligence, etc.) and sustainability requirements.
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Gartner's Secrets & Strategies for Successful Supply Chain Risk Management

Disruption has become a constant. And as waves of disruption continue to crash down on supply chains, supply chain risk management has never been more important. Therefore, CSCOs and Supply Chain Leaders need to approach risk management very differently than they have in the past. Organizations which have advanced their risk management practices are better positioned to maintain control during times of chaos.
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How to manage suppliers during disruptions.

Procurement is expected to deliver a strategy that brings stability & resiliency to the supply chain during times of disruption. But what are the best ways to identify the biggest risks during moments of crises? And how do you navigate effective vendor management at the same time? Watch this webinar to unpack strategies designed to give you immediate visibility into the health of your supply chain to focus your efforts on initiatives that bring vendor management back under control.
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Transport Optimisation

AMCS Routing

The webinar will only take 45 minutes. With this small investment of your time, you will receive a brief introduction to how our transport optimisation solutions work, and what advantages your company could achieve with the help of our solutions.
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