Managing Color in Complex Packaging Supply Chains

If you or your company looks to improve the consistency of printed packaging in the market, reduce time-to-market for new graphic packaging and products, simplify the churn and expense of print approvals, and increase bandwidth within graphics management resources, please join us for this discussion with Jay Sperry from HAVI Global Solutions.Packaging makes a first impression. Packaging engages with the target consumer; both before and after the product is purchased. Printed graphics on packaging not only informs and activates key product messaging, when executed correctly they establish the products quality position, and enforce the brand and product experience. Packaging is a manufacturing process, driven by efficiencies and cost management, with a supply chain that is diverse in capabilities, regions, print methods and substrates.
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Getting the most out of your fleet data - Data smart fleet management with ShipManager

Set up the fleet management system to enable data smart technical management Utilize fleet data for improved transparency and decision making Track technical KPIs more easily and identify potential cost savings
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Achieving Transparency and Cost-Efficiency in the Supply Chain


The freight and logistics space is rapidly evolving. Automation, technology and business intelligence have increased the capabilities of modern logistics companies and the expectations of end users. These advancements are largely advertised to push freight and logistics to new heights, providing companies with more efficiency in their daily operations and making it easier to ensure their customers' success.
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Global Logistics in a Rapidly Evolving Marketplace


In the modern transportation and shipping industry, fast and effective planning is vital for successful supply chain management. Current trends with changing international trade tariffs and restrictions require an innovative look at managing your supply chain. In this webinar, Chris Topham will discuss how mapping out your internal and external processes will give you greater insight into your transactions and a clearer way to share that information with executive teams.
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Reducing operating costs by implementing smart hull integrity management with ShipManager Hull

Reduce technical operating costs and TCO by implementing a dedicated management system focusing on hull inspection and maintenance Ensure higher quality of data from ship hull inspections reported by crew or structural superintendent teams Provide guidance to crew to know where to focus ("hot spots") and what type of defects to look for Integrate information from visual inspections with information from thickness measurement campaigns in one common platform Easily share information reported from one vessel across sister vessels
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