International Logistics Webinar

You thought reaching agreement on an international sales contract was hard. But now you have to move the goods from one country to another before you get paid. And you have to do it within the terms of the sales agreement and without incurring a lot of unexpected expenses. This webinar is the perfect overview of the transportation process whether you're shipping by ocean or air. Learn the steps you need to follow to move your products affordably, securely and within budget.
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Future-proof your supply chain: strategies to de-risk and optimise sustainability

How people, processes and technology need to be aligned How agility is crucial How to optimise ESG How resilient and proactive companies are one step ahead How to free up money for investment
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Automated Warehouses Win: Staying Competitive Through Technology

As ecommerce trends continue to grow and supply chains become increasingly complex, competitive warehouse operations are upgrading their fulfillment technology to include multiple forms of automation. In order to maintain flawless, end-to-end order fulfillment, process digitization, robotics, and hybrid workforce strategies have become operators' number one priority. Welcome to the new age of warehousing.
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Africa’s energy metals market and supply chain


The future success of renewable energy and electric vehicles for both consumer markets and utility-scale markets is going to depend largely on the ability to store that energy.However, current battery storage technologies are expensive, only suitable for short-term back-up, frequency regulation of the grid, and micro-grid applications. There is also the challenge around stability (some are prone to explode), the longevity of the units, and environmental disposal of the used products.
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Navigating Your Supply Chain in Survival Mode

Navigating how to manage a supply chain is more challenging than ever. In this webinar, you will hear advice from seasoned transportation professionals on how you can adjust to the new environment and constant changes. During the webinar you'll hear from: Shelley Simpson, Chief Commercial Officer & EVP of People and HR at J.B. Hunt Jon Gold, VP, Supply Chain and Customs Policy at the National Retail Federation Geoffrey Muessig, EVP & CMO at Pitt Ohio
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