Improving the Driver’s Experience

The intense competition to hire and retain the best drivers is a challenge for every fleet. The carriers who innovate and stand out as an attractive place for the best drivers to work will gain competitive advantage. A sure way to win the battle for driver loyalty is finding ways to improve the driver’s experience, and leveraging technology is a great place to start.Giving drivers a voice in the planning and management of their trip and offering them choices about their loads are two ways in which carriers can improve a driver’s perception of the company they work for. While many companies are working toward these goals, few have been successful at leveraging their technology and systems for an easy and routine way to interact with their drivers. That is changing.
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Supply Chain Network Design in 30 Minutes


Is your supply chain complex? Does it overly contribute to your costs? Has Excel reached its limits for mathematical optimization? Learn how AIMMS Network Design helps you run various scenarios to make informed decisions, all with personal, high-care implementation support and onboarding. AIMMS Network Design features, functions, and technology: Use cases Benefits Demo
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Getting the most out of your fleet data - Data smart fleet management with ShipManager

Set up the fleet management system to enable data smart technical management Utilize fleet data for improved transparency and decision making Track technical KPIs more easily and identify potential cost savings
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Supplier diversity - why you need it and how to achieve it

The definition of supplier diversity How having a diverse supply base can enhance reputation and revenue, as well as reduce risk Ways to overcome common pitfalls when establishing a supplier diversity programme The importance of measuring success and progress to maintain momentum - and how to go about it Examples of good practice in action
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Re-imagining the future of transport


Rapidly evolving trends such as Internet of Things, artificial intelligenceand autonomous vehicles are set to revolutionize transport as we know it, and experts predict that logistics providers will lead the charge. Join the 28 June webinar 'Re-imagining the future of transport,' to find out how emerging technologies will impact your supply chain.
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