Improving the Driver’s Experience


The intense competition to hire and retain the best drivers is a challenge for every fleet. The carriers who innovate and stand out as an attractive place for the best drivers to work will gain competitive advantage. A sure way to win the battle for driver loyalty is finding ways to improve the driver’s experience, and leveraging technology is a great place to start.Giving drivers a voice in the planning and management of their trip and offering them choices about their loads are two ways in which carriers can improve a driver’s perception of the company they work for. While many companies are working toward these goals, few have been successful at leveraging their technology and systems for an easy and routine way to interact with their drivers. That is changing.
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The last stage of warehouse development project was completed last year by adding a new 7800 m2 building to the rest of Hegelmann Logistics facilities in Kaunas, Lithuania.


Inventory Management Webinar

For 23 years we have been helping businesses fix their Inventory and yet we are seeing the SAME Issues appearing with many other businesses.You’ll soon be on your way to: Improved Customer Service. Increased Sales. and lower inventory investment.
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Moving from Excel to AI: Creating Visibility in Supply Chain


Supply Chain lives and dies on accurate, timely data. Learn how AI and machine learning are impacting the industry and what your first steps should be to take advantage of these technologies. Join Founder of GT Nexus John Urban, Dr. Bob Zimering from Amazon, and Thomas Atwood from Clearmetal as they discuss their experiences with supply chain innovation and how to prepare your company for technologies like AI and Machine Learning..
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Driver Coaching – This Time It’s Personal

Fleet Owner

Central Oregon Truck Company (COTC) has been named one of the “Best Fleets to Drive For” for five years running and it’s no wonder why. From comprehensive onboard training to incentive and retention programs to a terminal truly focused on ensuring driver comfort, it’s clear how much they value their 300 drivers.The top priority at COTC is protecting the safety of its drivers and the motoring public. Video safety plays a critical role in making that happen. At the center of it all is a team of hands-on coaches who review video, while also coaching and documenting driving behavior daily with an eye towards continual improvement
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Supply Chain and Logistics: A Career for Trailblazers

UW Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics

University of Washington College of Engineering’s Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics Master's degree program partnered with Ajilon to present the webinar Supply Chain & Logistics: A Field for Trailblazers. In a highly globalized and interconnected world, the supply chain and logistics field offers professional possibilities within an increasingly indispensable industry. What do those starting out in SC&L or considering this sector for a career need to know to survive and thrive? Find out by watching this webinar.
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