How to optimize Seakeeping to keep your cargo safe

The webinar contains:Challenges related to Seakeeping,Common ways to tackle Seakeeping challenges,Considerations for technological solution to help with Seakeeping in order to avoid risks.
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Three ways IoT is shifting the future of transportation

Intelligent Transport

In this webinar, our speakers took a deep dive into how ‘Connected Transport’ is driving an IoT Revolution and how these three innovations are shifting the future of transportation.
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Turn Freight Rate Insights into Action


Understanding the ocean freight market, rate trends and how certain factors influence them can be a complex task. Making strategic procurement decisions in a volatile market can be even more uncertain. See how you can leverage historical data and insights to give you the confidence in your negotiations with suppliers. Watch this 30-minute webinar and learn how historical ocean freight rates can influence preparation for your RFQ/tendering negotiations in 2019.
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Leveraging 3PLs for Future Shipper Gains

Logistics Management

The inexorable force of digitization is reshaping the 3PL marketplace, with new alliances and partnerships reflecting that trend as never before. Warehousing and freight brokerages, meanwhile, are sectors of constant reinvention. Armstrong & Associates research indicates that one other ongoing development is also a game changer: global trade tensions and disruptions. "We are going to be taking a long view on how trade agreements will play out, and what their impact will have on logistics managers with their planning and forecasting budgets," says Evan Armstrong, president of Armstrong & Associates.
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Strategic Supplier Management – The Balance Between Breadth and Depth

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed how little organizations knew about their supply chains. Building strong resilient supply chains will require a conscious development of collaborative supplier relationships to actively drive transformation. In addition, the importance of sustainable ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) has accelerated and driven the need for corporations to prove ESG credibility in order to meet mandatory regulatory requirements. To build sustainable and inclusive supply chains, it will take close effective supplier collaboration to both meet ESG metrics and achieve supply chain resilience.
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