How to keep up with the logistics evolution


How to Keep Up with the Logistics Evolution, will help you understand the new challenges of managing logistics, ensuring smooth sailing through customs and how to satisfy your end consumers.
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Since 1956, the shipping container has changed global freight operations. Here’s what happens to a shipping container throughout its life…and what happens afterwards. Definitely worth a gander.


Supply Chain Network Design: What Are Your Options?

Is your organization becoming more mature when it comes to designing your end-to-end supply chain network? Then you’ll enter the difficult phase of researching the various optimization technologies that are available. But no worries, we did this daunting job for you! In this webinar, we will explain the main technology types in the market, with their pros, cons and capabilities. After the webinar, you will be equipped to decide which technology fits your organization best.
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Explore Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

NetCom Learning

Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing skills are highly in-demand in today’s workplace. When it comes to reporting, data science and analytics, BI & Data warehousing is the first choice for small, mid-sized and fortune 100 companies. Although, these are two different technologies, their combination plays a crucial role in the success of enterprises.
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The Relevance of Supply Chain to the Success of the Company

Over the past decade, supply chain management has matured from a relatively unknown concept into a fully fledged discipline. Nowadays, the supply chain triangle (service, cash, cost) should be an integral part of an organization’s strategy, since a successful balance benefits the overall business goals. During this webinar, Professor Dr. Bram Desmet will discuss the five key concepts of the strategy-driven supply chain.
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Bus to the Future: Imagining public transport in 2030 and beyond – and the changes needed now to ensure we get there

Watch this webinar to hear panellists discuss visions for the future of buses and public transport in major urban environments, with a specific focus on delivering a next generation customer experience; ensuring speed and efficiency of end-to-end journeys; and the implementation of a truly sustainable transport network.This panel discussion brought together industry experts from a range of backgrounds to share perspectives on the future of buses and public transport in major urban environments.
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