How Smart Trailer Management Increases Productivity and Improves ROI

Trailer idling, fleet maintenance, driver shortages and cargo theft. These are just a few of the challenges faced by fleet owners and managers today.A smart trailer management solution must do more than simply track and monitor fleet assets to help solve these problems. It also needs to present intelligence and produce insights that help a business make smart decisions to efficiently deploy resources, sharpen its competitive edge and become a better supplier for its customers – setting it up for long-term success. The level of success, however, depends on the quality of the solution, which comes down to reliability, the amount of visibility into fleet assets and total cost of ownership.
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Gartner's Secrets & Strategies for Successful Supply Chain Risk Management

Disruption has become a constant. And as waves of disruption continue to crash down on supply chains, supply chain risk management has never been more important. Therefore, CSCOs and Supply Chain Leaders need to approach risk management very differently than they have in the past. Organizations which have advanced their risk management practices are better positioned to maintain control during times of chaos.
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Putting safety back where it belongs

Lloyd's List - Maritime Intelligence

Shipping’s commitment to fulfil climate change obligations has had an unintended consequence: continuing investment to enhance safety is often a secondary consideration. History teaches us that accidents and incidents rise when competing issues – such as new technology or emissions reduction – take over management time and effort.Shipping is one of the most dangerous activities in transportation, so safety must be placed first at every level of an organisation. What’s getting in the way and why?
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The Future of Supply Chain 2023: Roadmap to Reinvention

Supply chain plans tell us what people are doing, but how do we know if they are doing the right things? In five years, 80% to 90% of all supply chains plan to adopt the key components of four reinventions: commercial innovation, achieving sustainability outcomes, real-time decision execution and human-centric work design.
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Strategies to Mitigate Port Congestion on Your Supply Chain

supply chain brain

Using Global Trade Intelligence to Address Shipping Delays and Enhance Supply Chain Resiliency Today and in the Future The current global shipping crisis has seen port delays increase significantly, severely impacting the top and bottom line of companies as they struggle to deliver products and raw materials to market. Structural changes in consumer buying behavior have made port congestion and delays the norm, and many shippers and logistics providers alike are projecting the situation will continue through 2022.
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