How Smart Trailer Management Increases Productivity and Improves ROI

Fleet Owner

Trailer idling, fleet maintenance, driver shortages and cargo theft. These are just a few of the challenges faced by fleet owners and managers today.A smart trailer management solution must do more than simply track and monitor fleet assets to help solve these problems. It also needs to present intelligence and produce insights that help a business make smart decisions to efficiently deploy resources, sharpen its competitive edge and become a better supplier for its customers – setting it up for long-term success. The level of success, however, depends on the quality of the solution, which comes down to reliability, the amount of visibility into fleet assets and total cost of ownership.
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Trinity Logistics offers a variety of warehousing services. Here are some tips to know whether you're a good fit for them.


Import and Export webinar: Role of the Importer

BDP International

Being an importer of record places regulatory responsibilities on your organization. Learn what is required, risks and liabilities, record keeping requirements, and why a properly executed power of attorney and Customs bond is important.
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Exploring the ROI of blockchain technology


Blockchain-based networks are transforming the way entire industries work, with new business models and new revenue streams. But before fully embracing blockchain’s potential at your organization, you’re likely looking for answers to key questions about the technology. What are its true benefits? What are its costs and risks? What’s the expected ROI?
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AI and humans: Planning supply chains together


Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t just reserved for sci-fi movies anymore – it's becoming part of our everyday lives.Enterprises that are able to harness AI's full potential will likely thrive into the future while those that choose not to embrace it will be left behind.What will the rise of AI mean for the supply chain? Will AI assume control while the human element is sent packing? Quite the opposite. Machine-enabled intelligence will augment human intelligence to help planners make more informed decisions faster and with more confidence.
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How can I extract value in my supply chain by using a freight forwarder?


In this webinar Florian Kuentzel , Trade Manager at MAERSK, explains how you can extract value in your supply chain by using a freight forwarder.The webinar covers four main topics:How does your business look like and what is your need?What are freight forwarders and what do they offer?Which forwarder is the right one for you and your business?What do you need to know and consider to get the best possible deal?
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