Freight Tech & Real-Time Visibility

Schneider’s executives addressed the freight and logistics questions supply chain leaders worldwide are asking. Topics covered include:
Why transportation and logistics is ripe for digital transformation
How Schneider built a digital roadmap that considers customers, carriers, and internal teams
Tips for gaining alignment on the project vision and support from teams across the company, affected partners, and carriers
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Warehouse Operations Have Gotten More Complex Than Ever. How Technology Enables Operational Agility

Global supply chain disruption is the new reality now. Having the agility to anticipate change and adapting to it swiftly is the key for business success. To thrive in tough and challenging times we lean on technology - a well-known enabler of business agility. However, what does operational agility mean when it comes to the warehouse activities?
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To manage today’s complexities, current systems are forcing functional groups to resolve problems with outdated processes and approaches. This leads to poor product mix, lower margins, higher buffer inventories, unnecessary premium freight, low productivity and sub-optimal optimization.
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Towards smarter, more agile, collaborative, and connected supply chains

Join us for this webinar focusing on the major challenges faced by supply chain executives today and in the future, and how evolutions in digital supply chain planning may help
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Increase Your Negotiation Power During Ocean Freight Tendering Season


The tendering and bidding season has begun. However, due to the lack of reliable data and multiple bidding rounds, the tendering process can become long and cumbersome. This may not leave you with enough time and resources to focus on what really matters in your supply chain
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