Fleet Costs: Where Are Successful Companies Finding Savings?

Fleet managers face a variety of challenges, from managing fuel price volatility to maintaining regulatory compliance and driver safety, but the most difficult task by far is identifying ways to cut the right costs.With expenses eating away at budgets, how are savvy companies working to reduce spend in these areas and maximize the bottom line?Join us for this live, hour-long webinar to hear a cost reduction expert and fleet industry veteran identify practical tips for saving on some of the most expensive areas of fleet management.
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6 Supply Chain Hurdles to Clear with Digital Transformation


The ever-increasing importance of customer experience has had a significant impact on supply chain leaders and their role in driving business success. With the margin of error being so small, and supply chain volatility at an all-time high, what digital transformation strategies should businesses be pursuing to set themselves up for long-term success? Join us for an educational webinar that explores the importance of automated order management solutions and the 6 most common supply chain challenges.
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State of Freight - 2022 Preparation

Driver supply Capacity and utilization Outlook for rates across all modes Equipment supply and demand Supply chain disruptions Forecast risks as we head into 2022
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Vision's Role in Logistics/Warehousing Applications

During this Webinar, Tom Brennan, President, Artemis Vision, will discuss how the warehouse environment is a much faster environment where users cannot control the process. There are economic drivers to more or less automation within warehouse walls as they compete on speed, miles to the customer, and inventory turns. Finally, he will discuss the types of components required for vision systems used in these environments.
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International Freight and Shipping - Import Export Webinar

Inco Docs

Conor from Explorate gives an overview of how the International Freight and shipping process currently works and we discuss how the industry is beginning to change through software. Conor explains how Explorate are streamlining the shipment schedule, rates and booking process for import export seafreight shipments. We give shippers tips on how to improve their supply chain and logistics within their business using readily available software.
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