Explore Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing skills are highly in-demand in today’s workplace. When it comes to reporting, data science and analytics, BI & Data warehousing is the first choice for small, mid-sized and fortune 100 companies. Although, these are two different technologies, their combination plays a crucial role in the success of enterprises.
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Making Remote Procurement Work: Strategies and Tools to Manage Business as Usual in An Unusual New World

In a recent article in CPO Strategy by lain Campbell-McKenna, he rightfully pointed out that remote working is not a new thing. The idea of working from home was “more of a concept along the lines of the four-day workweek and flex-hours, hence was promising but not necessarily practical on a large scale.” With COVID-19 it is a whole new ball game. We are all, as Campbell-McKenna put it “for now, and the foreseeable future together on our own.” How do we then move beyond our comfort zones to adopt new strategies, practices, and tools to deliver a higher level of expectation?
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Logistics for Nonprofits: 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping Goods


It is estimated that 60-80% of the global humanitarian aid spend is related to logistics services. Whether you are a shipper or receiver of goods, international trade is fraught with complexity, particularly for nonprofits. From quoting & documentation, to managing exceptions & tax exemptions, there are key details that can make or break your shipment process.In this webinar, the Flexport.org team will discuss common pitfalls for nonprofits and share best practices for managing international shipments.
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Reducing operating costs by implementing smart hull integrity management with ShipManager Hull

Reduce technical operating costs and TCO by implementing a dedicated management system focusing on hull inspection and maintenance Ensure higher quality of data from ship hull inspections reported by crew or structural superintendent teams Provide guidance to crew to know where to focus ("hot spots") and what type of defects to look for Integrate information from visual inspections with information from thickness measurement campaigns in one common platform Easily share information reported from one vessel across sister vessels
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The Ultimate Guide for Effective LTL Freight Management


The 45 to 60 minute webinar on “Best Practices for LTL Freight Management and Shipping”, covered how to better manage the process and the costs associated with shipping via LTL by covering the following material:What is LTL Shipping (Less-Than-Truckload) and how did it Come About?The Benefits of Shipping via Less Than Truckload Freight.
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