Executive Outlook for Supply Chain 2019

Supply & Demand Chain Executive

SDCE’s annual Executive Outlook educational webinar brings together industry executives for a roundtable discussion of the top-level trends and developments taking shape in the supply chain sector and what that means for the year ahead.
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here is a question I received on my video https://youtu.be/D8dqwDMk2Jc asking the Swift have APU. please feel free to leave me a question there and I will address it at my earliest convenience thanks for watching.


Climate change: beyond mitigation - how can we safeguard supply chains and ensure security of supply for customers?

European Freight Leaders Forum

Starting with insight into how shippers are thinking about climate change and whether it is impacting their decisions, we then welcome logistics specialist Alan McKinnon and Head of Climate Impact Team Christoph Matulla to explain what meteorology can tell us about the nature and extent of climate change in simple and clear terms. How vulnerable will our supply chains be to climate change? How can we protect our logistics assets and infrastructure across all modes? Can we develop holistic climate resilience strategies for freight transport?

Advanced Shipping Features Using Stamps.com Online

Hamilton Shipping (Port Services) Ltd shipping

This video describes the advanced shipping features that are available in the Stamps.com Online (web-based) service.Features include connecting to shopping carts and marketplaces, order management, printing multiple shipping labels in one query, and creating email tracking notifications.

Automate Data Access to Reduce Logistics Costs Using New Technology

Pharma Logistics IQ

Attendees will learn about a fully-integrated, temperature monitoring solution which provides automated data download, alerting and reporting, enabling greater access to data while reducing the man-hours needed to manage the supply chain.

6 Critical Disciplines to Becoming a Supply Chain Leader

Elastic Solutions, LLC

Supply chain management professionals who focus only on cost control risk becoming a supply chain laggard. True supply chain leadership is about driving revenue growth, capturing market share, and enhancing customer satisfaction & loyalty.