Don’t Get Left Behind in the Digital Brokerage Revolution: Strategies for Success


There’s an old adage in the tech industry: adapt or die. The same could be said for today’s freight brokerage industry, which is undergoing disruptive change unlike any seen in recent memory. Both scope and speed of change are challenging today’s brokers to effectively adapt, but what is the path to success? What decisions do brokers need to be considering and acting on today—whether it’s technologies, business processes, partners, workforce skills, or capacity—to ensure that they can compete, thrive, and prosper?
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The last stage of warehouse development project was completed last year by adding a new 7800 m2 building to the rest of Hegelmann Logistics facilities in Kaunas, Lithuania.


Supply Chain Resiliency & Risk Management – A Top Post-Pandemic Priority

In 2020 several disruptive events shifted strategic supply chain priorities. As indicated by a recent CPO survey, key challenges in 2020 include, but are not limited to, supplier/vendor bankruptcy, increased customer and transportation requirements, and significant quality issues hinder brand reputation and product viability. Deloitte offers clients an end-to-end approach for supply chain resiliency leveraging a custom platform and intelligent solution to tackle industry challenges and disruptive events focusing on enhanced visibility, increased organizational readiness, and a best-in-class technical infrastructure.
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One Network Enterprises

This is an interactive discussion with Martijn Lofvers of Supply Chain Movement, and Shirell James, VP EMEA at One Network Enterprises. Martijn and Shirell look at the current state of supply chains, the ongoing supply disruptions, and ask: How can companies mitigate these problems, and position themselves to be more competitive and achieve real financial benefits? Martijn and Shirell discuss a variety of topics
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Supply Chain Sustainability 2022 Event Series in Partnership with

Sustainable procurement is undoubtedly rising as a key driver of supply chain sustainability. Buyers have a strategic positioning as they face suppliers and are positioned quite upstream in the value chain. Collaboration is key with both internal and external stakeholders. But the topic is so broad, time- and effort-consuming, under increasing and accelerating regulation pressure that buyers barely know where to start and how to pitch the business case. In this series of interactive events, you will learn about practical cases from our experts and panelists from various industries and backgrounds and ultimately be armed to initiate or pursue the change of mindset in your purchasing organization.
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The Gartner Top Supply Chain Sustainability Trends and Emerging Priorities for 2023

Economic uncertainty, inflation, global instability, and enhanced regulation are piling onto already complex global supply chains. So what is the role of sustainability in this changing environment? Join us for a complimentary supply chain webinar exploring how supply chain leaders can take intentional action to manage the urgent cost and sustainability pressures they face in 2023, while positioning the supply chain to deliver transformational impact and thrive in a dramatically different future.
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