Digitizing the Retail Supply Chain: How Pharmacity is Scaling up for Growth

Digitizing the Retail Supply Chain
In this webinar, panelists from Pharmacity, a modern retail pharmacy chain in Asia Pacific, share how they are transforming their supply chain to meet the increasing consumer demands. The discussion explores in-depth on ways to anticipate product demand, optimize inventory management, and build supply chain visibility that are necessary for retailers to scale in a hypergrowth environment.
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Canadian Global Forwarding: Supply Chain & Customs Overview

What to expect for upcoming ocean congestion and carrier capacity How to expedite your supply chain through LCL solutions How increased passenger flights will impact cargo capacity What new government updates will mean for your compliance programs How to prepare for new tariff verifications and CARM requirements
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Proven Ways to Get Your Supply Chain Back on Track


About 25% of small manufacturers say the supply chain crunch is getting worse, and about one-third of businesses say getting basic supplies into their plants is the biggest challenge they continue to face. While things might be getting better for a few, deep-pocketed large companies, managing material shortages remains a giant hurdle for huge swaths of the manufacturing world.
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How to hit that curveball thrown at your supply chain?

What happens to innovation: is a crisis fostering or hindering innovation? What about resilience and risk: did risk management fail to predict a mega crisis? What should change in the future to create more resilient supply chain organizations? How can companies recover and grow if cash is missing?
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Learn How to Thrive Not Just Survive Chemical Supply Challenges With Microsoft

In today’s highly competitive and complex chemical industry, companies that don’t modernize are likely to experience declining productivity. Legacy business systems can’t provide the extent of data needed to operate efficiently and aging assets make it difficult to meet demand. How can you overcome today’s top supply chain challenges with Microsoft D365?
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