Creating a culture that attracts top supply chain talent

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Webinar : "Full visibility higher efficiency and connectivity for your yard with SAP Yard Logistics"


In logistics and order fulfilment, a yard is the link between the distribution and transportation of goods and the warehouse. With the rising importance of e-commerce and supply chains focusing on customer-centricity, increasing the speed of fulfilment is the greatest challenge in logistics.
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Solving Your Toughest Trucking Problems

Transport Topics

Tenstreet’s Joe Franco, Director of Strategic Sales and Enablement, will guide you through a live demonstration and show you how you can see huge gains in efficiency by using Tenstreet’s solutions in driver marketing, recruiting, onboarding, and managing.
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Resilient Supply Chains Start with Resilient Leaders

In this webinar from Supply Chain Media, supply chain experts Knut Alicke and David Strauss will discuss with Martijn Lofvers the importance of supply chain leaders and the key attributes necessary to build a robust and adaptable supply chain and achieve resilience. Our expert panel will look to answer several pressing questions.
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Supply Chain Leaders, Use Process Mining to Gain Greater Business Visibility

Process mining helps citizen analysts and business technologists discover how an organization operates and where many avoidable costs get tied up in exceptions. It is essential, including for supply chain leaders, to know what process mining is and how it differs from data mining. Citizen analysts and business technologists also must know how to start an initiative, the use cases for process mining, and how to deliver business value.
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