Convert Your Fleet to Renewable Diesel with Ease

All trucking fleets want to reduce their carbon footprints but have real concerns how any change could impact their bottom line.One easy but often misunderstood option is using renewable diesel fuel, which can help fleets go green literally overnight with little-to-no disruptions to their operations. Renewable diesel is a premium-quality, non-petroleum hydrocarbon fuel made from 100 percent renewable raw materials that meets all ASTM D975 and state and federal diesel specifications. Renewable diesel is not biodiesel and does not have any of the negative effects on engine performance.
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Supply Chain and Procurement Metrics - How Are You Performing?

Zycus Inc.

This on-demand webinar with Bill Michels, CEO at Airpart Cosulting focuses on different type of metrics for procurement and supply chain with details on the application of metrics. Since all organizations are different, this webcast shares how to develop key performance indicators and how to minimize effort to get essential supplier and performance data. Watch this video to learn how to review and use metrics to improve supplier value, performance and relationships.
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Warehouse Operations Have Gotten More Complex Than Ever. How Technology Enables Operational Agility

Global supply chain disruption is the new reality now. Having the agility to anticipate change and adapting to it swiftly is the key for business success. To thrive in tough and challenging times we lean on technology - a well-known enabler of business agility. However, what does operational agility mean when it comes to the warehouse activities?
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What makes a successful supply chain?

Join us for this free webinar, where we'll discuss the Critical Capabilities report, share thoughts on OMP’s ranking, and provide an OMP perspective on the critical capabilities in the SCP technology arena.
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Role of Logistics for Management of Healthcare Supply Chains during Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has been the perfect black swan event that has affected global supply chains with both economic and financial ramifications. In the medical domain, it has become evident that the unprecedented increase in the demand for patients with the virus and the corresponding acute supply shortages have led to new adaptive and constantly evolving supply chain tactics to meet demand. This talk would focus on how the crucial role of logistics services (both forward and reverse logistics) in facilitating dynamic operationalization of strategies to improve the effectiveness of the emergency supply chains. The key takeaways would include how new innovation and supply chain theories are shaping up to explain the resiliency and also what some of the interesting research questions to analyze in the future.
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