Artificial Intelligence: The Path to Breakthrough Supply Chain Planning

Supply chain planning has never been more complicated. Between an explosion in demand signals from POS, CRM and social media and an increase in the number of functional planners, custom applications and segmentation of processes, traditional S&OP processes are struggling to keep up. Join A.T. Kearney partner Michael Hu for a discussion on how Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are emerging as new tools that can lead to breakthroughs in supply chain planning.
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Africa’s energy metals market and supply chain


The future success of renewable energy and electric vehicles for both consumer markets and utility-scale markets is going to depend largely on the ability to store that energy.However, current battery storage technologies are expensive, only suitable for short-term back-up, frequency regulation of the grid, and micro-grid applications. There is also the challenge around stability (some are prone to explode), the longevity of the units, and environmental disposal of the used products.
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Logistics for Nonprofits: 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping Goods


It is estimated that 60-80% of the global humanitarian aid spend is related to logistics services. Whether you are a shipper or receiver of goods, international trade is fraught with complexity, particularly for nonprofits. From quoting & documentation, to managing exceptions & tax exemptions, there are key details that can make or break your shipment process.In this webinar, the team will discuss common pitfalls for nonprofits and share best practices for managing international shipments.
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Helping steer your logistics operations to become a more resilient supply chain


Always on, connected, and informed, customers are demanding high-quality, individualized products delivered within increasingly shorter time frames. For businesses, meeting these market requirements call for better ways to synchronize the demand chain with the supply chain in real time.In this era of heightening customer expectations, logistics is leaving behind its supporting role to become a critical value differentiator. With retail and e-commerce becoming a business model in practically every industry, timely and accurate delivery is essential when creating the product experience.
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Global Logistics in a Rapidly Evolving Marketplace


In the modern transportation and shipping industry, fast and effective planning is vital for successful supply chain management. Current trends with changing international trade tariffs and restrictions require an innovative look at managing your supply chain. In this webinar, Chris Topham will discuss how mapping out your internal and external processes will give you greater insight into your transactions and a clearer way to share that information with executive teams.
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