Africa’s energy metals market and supply chain

The future success of renewable energy and electric vehicles for both consumer markets and utility-scale markets is going to depend largely on the ability to store that energy.However, current battery storage technologies are expensive, only suitable for short-term back-up, frequency regulation of the grid, and micro-grid applications. There is also the challenge around stability (some are prone to explode), the longevity of the units, and environmental disposal of the used products.
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Helping steer your logistics operations to become a more resilient supply chain


Always on, connected, and informed, customers are demanding high-quality, individualized products delivered within increasingly shorter time frames. For businesses, meeting these market requirements call for better ways to synchronize the demand chain with the supply chain in real time.In this era of heightening customer expectations, logistics is leaving behind its supporting role to become a critical value differentiator. With retail and e-commerce becoming a business model in practically every industry, timely and accurate delivery is essential when creating the product experience.
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Technology Shaping Less Than Truckload Shipping


In this 40-minute webinar about LTL shipping and technology you’ll learn: EDI vs. APIs in Less Than Truckload Shipping: How Do They Compare & What Should a Shipper Use? Less-Than-Truckload Inbound Shipping: Using Technology to Stay Collaborative With Vendors What Less-Than-Truckload Data Should a Shipper Track? Less-Than-Truckload Tracking & Visibility: Why Shipper Communication & Carrier Transparency Matters What Should an LTL Transportation Management System Do for Me as a Shipper?
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Take Charge of Your Supply Chain with Master Data Governance

With the goal of increasing sales volumes and expanding supply chain networks, many organizations fail to properly track and manage supply chain data to make informed decisions. To add to this madness, supply chain managers go head to head with the complexities of multiple disconnected systems that result in poor data quality. That doesn't have to be you! Combat these issues with master data governance, helping you to gain greater confidence in your decision-making.
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Think Outside the Cart: How AMRs Optimize Warehouse Fulfillment

Modern Materials Handling

In this webcast Mike Levans, Group Editorial Director of Peerless Media and Locus Robotics’ CEO Rick Faulk discuss how warehouse robotics is already dramatically changing the fulfillment paradigm to significantly improve the capability and efficiency and helping operators “think outside of the cart”.
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