Addressing Transportation Barriers for Older Adults and People with Disabilitites


Addressing Transportation Barriers for Older Adults and People with Disabilities. This webinar occurred June 16, 2016. It was intended to help participants understand how to tap into some of the resources that might be available locally to navigate transportation. Best practices were shared by Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) staff, including how the ARC uses technology and outreach to share transportation information and resources. Visit for more information and resources on this event, including a downloadable PowerPoint and a webinar transcript.
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FSMA Fridays April 2016 – Final Rules – Sanitary Transportation


Popular monthly FSMA webcast series, featuring The Acheson Group team. In April 2016's session, Dr. David Acheson, Rolando Gonzalez, and Christopher Snabes from The Acheson Group discussed the Final Sanitary Transportation Rule, key changes since the proposed rule, how to be in compliance and more.

Growth Opportunities in Global Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Industry

bright talk

Sandeep Kar and guest speakers Jeffrey C. Walker, director, MD-HD Truck Transmissions at Eaton, and Eric Starks, president at FTR, will provide an executive outlook of key trends and forces shaping the global medium-heavy duty truck market's trajectory in 2016. Sandeep will focus on major

How the ‘Internet of Things’ is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management and Logistics


The "Internet of Things" (IoT)—a term used to describe the expanding ability of machines to communicate virtually with each other—is becoming increasingly important in supply chain management. By embracing emerging virtual technologies, medical device makers are finding new ways to improve efficiency and logistics in the supply chain, while at the same time cutting costs. Some examples of IoT devices are smart cabinets that can detect when hospital supplies of particular devices are running low and automatically re-order those products, smart robots that can manufacture devices on demand, and sensors that can analyze each step of the supply chain and provide data that can be used by managers to improve the manufacturing process.

Moving from Excel to AI: Creating Visibility in Supply Chain


Supply Chain lives and dies on accurate, timely data. Learn how AI and machine learning are impacting the industry and what your first steps should be to take advantage of these technologies. Join Founder of GT Nexus John Urban, Dr. Bob Zimering from Amazon, and Thomas Atwood from Clearmetal as they discuss their experiences with supply chain innovation and how to prepare your company for technologies like AI and Machine Learning..