Achieving Transparency and Cost-Efficiency in the Supply Chain

The freight and logistics space is rapidly evolving. Automation, technology and business intelligence have increased the capabilities of modern logistics companies and the expectations of end users. These advancements are largely advertised to push freight and logistics to new heights, providing companies with more efficiency in their daily operations and making it easier to ensure their customers' success.
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Building Predictive Supply Chains Through Incremental Gains

Supply chain businesses operate on fine margins. And while we all know that remaining competitive requires continuous innovation and cutting-edge technology, like real-time supply chain visibility and predictive ETAs, implementing these changes can be challenging, especially when dealing with limited resources.
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Canadian Global Forwarding: Supply Chain & Customs Overview

What to expect for upcoming ocean congestion and carrier capacity How to expedite your supply chain through LCL solutions How increased passenger flights will impact cargo capacity What new government updates will mean for your compliance programs How to prepare for new tariff verifications and CARM requirements
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Talent in Supply Chain

Supply Chain Insights

A closer look at building talent to define and execute next-generation supply chain strategies. Join this session to hear from supply chain human resource leaders as they discuss the latest in research from Supply Chain Insights.
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Full visibility, higher efficiency and connectivity for your yard with SAP Yard Logistics.


In logistics and order fulfilment, a yard is the link between the distribution and transportation of goods and the warehouse. With the rising importance of e-commerce and supply chains focusing on customer-centricity, increasing the speed of fulfilment is the greatest challenge in logistics.
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