Achieving Real-Time Transportation Visibility

When it comes to managing your transportation strategy it’s all about visibility. Visibility is critical to the long-term success of shippers and logistics companies. And, while 100% visibility should be the goal, 77 percent of companies say they have either no visibility or a restricted view.
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Turn Freight Rate Insights into Action


Understanding the ocean freight market, rate trends and how certain factors influence them can be a complex task. Making strategic procurement decisions in a volatile market can be even more uncertain. See how you can leverage historical data and insights to give you the confidence in your negotiations with suppliers. Watch this 30-minute webinar and learn how historical ocean freight rates can influence preparation for your RFQ/tendering negotiations in 2019.
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Emerging supply chain risk trends for 2022. And How to Adapt

This in-depth briefing will cover what to expect from continuing supply chain risks, including increasing regulations, risk convergence, and risk evolution. Plus, a look at other challenges on the horizon, including shifts in trade policy that may contribute to further disruptions, the influence of consumer behavior and automation, and lingering Covid-related impacts. It also discusses a new organizational approach to supply chain risk, which suggests key future areas on which to focus, such as the need for end-to-end risk assessments, heightened verification, and new ways to communicate more efficiently throughout the supply chain
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Time Slot Management & Real Time Yard Management

How to uncover the full cost-saving potential of Time Slot Management How to enhance your use of Time Slot Management and experience next level efficiency in your yard What the future looks like for Time Slot Management as digitization continues to shape the yards of tomorrow
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The Path to Electrifying Fleets

When you begin your transition to an electric fleet, you need a reliable fueling solution to keep your vehicles moving. In this live webinar, ChargePoint and AssetWorks’ experts will help you capture the cost savings of an electric fleet and design a data-driven fueling solution that works for your business.
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