What’s next for connected supply chain logistics and mobility in the “new normal”?

They also discussed how this advancement has increased the risk of cyberattacks and what steps can you take to enhance your cybersecurity strategy. Furthermore, they shared how the last physical obstacle to creating truly ‘contactless’ fleet operation is the physical keys or fobs to access vehicles, and how eliminating the need for physical keys in transport operations streamlines activities.
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Unique Storage and Handling Optimization Solutions You Need to Know About

Modern Materials Handling

Distribution centers store a variety of products that vary in size, shape, and weight. While a standard bay of pallet rack isn’t always the best solution to store these products, it is unfortunately often settled upon.Identifying and implementing the ideal material handling solution can ensure optimized storage density and selectivity while increasing efficiency and, ultimately, profits. This is why it’s so important that your material handling system aligns with your products characteristics and picking processes.
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Digital Marketing Transformation Trends in Transportation & Logistics

Transportation Marketing and Sales Association

The pace at which innovation happens is getting faster it's moving in exponential ways as opposed to a linear progression. This trend certainly has a deep impact on marketing, sales, and the overall buyer journey. Attend this webinar and you will learn: Steps for formalizing your current state customer journey map.
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6 Ways to Build the Business Case for SAP® S/4HANA and Transportation

Many SAP ECC customers like yourself are evaluating a MOVE to SAP S/4HANA. Despite the new S/4HANA platform, customers are reporting difficulty in building the business case to re-platform to S/4HANA. In this webinar, you will feel empowered to identify and communicate the value in S/4HANA with SAP and itelligence tools. Furthermore, you will take a deep dive into ShipERP, the robust transportation and compliance solution that can retire, replace, and expand shipping capabilities across the enterprise. Be the S/4HANA pioneer that you are
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Achieve sustainability goals with advanced transportation orchestration


With the urgency to shift to low-carbon economies, sustainable business operations have become a priority. Learn how to interpret supply chain data and track your CO2 emissions. With our cloud transportation orchestration solution, you can understand transportation costs, optimize carrier routes, and reduce your carbon footprint. Watch the demo.
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