4 Ways to Reduce Your Hidden Warehouse Costs

The pain of this economy is certainly real. One good piece of news, however, is that times like these are often when suppliers need efficient and cost-effective 3PLs and public warehousing the most.To help you capitalize on these opportunities, 3PL Central is offering an informative webinar designed to show how you can reduce hidden costs – and increase your value to your clients. It will also detail how you can:
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Full visibility, higher efficiency and connectivity for your yard with SAP Yard Logistics.


In logistics and order fulfilment, a yard is the link between the distribution and transportation of goods and the warehouse. With the rising importance of e-commerce and supply chains focusing on customer-centricity, increasing the speed of fulfilment is the greatest challenge in logistics.
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Make Store Replenishment a Competitive Advantage with Robotic Automation

Efficient replenishment is a critical factor when it comes to driving your business to success. With growing labor shortages and increasing costs, it has become imperative for you to explore robotic automation as a solution to ensuring you keep your shelves stocked and ready for your customers.
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What are the headwinds facing real-time visibility?

Unprecedented delays in the freight ecosystem have catapulted the need for visibility into end-to-end cargo movement to mainstream relevance. The pharma industry stands to gain a lot from real-time visibility, as understanding the shipping environment is paramount in its case. A lack of compliance could force stakeholders to trash entire shipments.
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Streamline your Supply Chain with seamless outdoor & indoor tracking


Your challenge is to know where your cargo is. When it’s on the move in a trailer or a container. When it’s stored in a warehouse. Outdoors, geolocation is easy to get. But indoors, when satellites are out of sight, alternative location technologiesare needed. By combining Wifi and Sigfox network infrastructure, in partnership with ALPS global device manufacturer, IBM has set up a simple and cost-efficient solution that succeeds in seamlessly tracking any shipment along the supply chain, in both outdoor and indoor environments.
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